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What is a Material Authorization Document?

MA Docs are nationally managed and approved lists of items and entitlements. MA docs list materiel that a Ship must hold to fulfill its operational role. MA docs include the MAST, SHARP and MCAAL.


What is MAST?

Mobile Account Ships Table identifies authorization for controlled equipment and accountable stores. The MAST is normally portable, lasting in nature, subject to maintenance and repair. Ex. anything on a SLOC


What is SHARP?

Ships Allowance Replenishment Program provides a list of fitted equipment and associated entitlements of repair parts and general stores to support the Ship.
There are 3 distinct MA docs: Fitted equipment list (FEL)- lists Ships fitted equipment.
Equipment support list (ESL)- Used to procure spare parts and support FEL.
General stores (GS)- Authority for all other items required to be held onboard. Primarily consumables.


What is MCAAL?

Maritime Command Ammunition Allotment List identifies the entitlement for ammunition, passed down by N37. CSE Dept performs stocktaking.


How do you change an MA document?

A material authorization change request (MACR) form is originated by the Ships technical authority (TA), which is staffed through the Log Dept to N4 for review and furtherance to the LCMM. (Apparently not used anymore and they just email the LCMM)


What is a Supply Customer Account?

A SCA is created IOT requisition materiel or services at public expense.


When shall stocktaking take place?

When a new SCA Holder is appointed, as directed by the CO, on discretion of the SCA Holder, when ordered by an external organization and at least every 4 years.


How do write off and recoveries get actioned?

A CF 152 is used to authorize monetary adjustments for discrepancies.
Miscellaneous Loss Reports (MLRs) are used to report losses of non-stocking accounts (NCDs). The MLR is recommended by the LogO and authorized by the CO. The MLR is then transmitted to BLOG for adjustment transaction. Recovery will not take place if the member did not act wilfully or maliciously.


What is a CIV and CRV?

Certificate Issue Voucher (CIV) is used to action a write-off of deficient materiel.
Certificate Receipt Voucher (CRV) is used to charge surplus materiel to a warehouse account.


How is materiel requisitioned at sea?


In a task group a MATREQ message is used to request non-emergency materiel to the GLC. Ship's are to respond within 24 hours. Concurrently, an email should follow to receive a response sooner. An EMREQ message is used in association with a CAT 1/2 OPDEF. An email should concurrently follow the release of the message. Ship's shall respond within 2 hours of receipt. Ship's should wait no longer than 4 hours before an HPR message is sent. An HPR message is raised to expedite acquiring materiel. Typically HPRs are associated with OPDEF CAT 1/2 for the safety or quality of life at sea. HPRs are raised when the MATREQ and EMREQ process has failed. JLOC/HPR Cell is to respond within 4 hours. If all this fails and repair work cannot be completed to meet operational requirements, a TRANREQ message may be used to transfer equipment from other Ship's/Unit's through N37.


What are Materiel Priority Codes?

MPC is a system to establish operational risk of not receiving materiel required.
MPC 1- Operationally critical. 0-6 days. (CAT 1)
MPC 2- Essential. 7-14 days. (CAT 1/2)
MPC 3- Routine. 15-30 days. (CAT 1, 2 or 3)


What is a contract?

Contracts are legally binding agreements between 2 parties consisting of: terms, offer and acceptance, legality, intention, capacity and payment.


What are the procurement authorities?

Homeport Within Canada Away from Canada
Goods $25,000 $25,000 C $400,000;
NC $40,000
Services $25,000 $40,000 C $400,000;
NC $75,000
Emergency $40,000 $40,000 $40,000


What is contract splitting?

Contract splitting involves the use of multiple contracts for a single requirement, circumventing contract authority levels, approval processes, or other policies, procedures, or regulations.
Contract splitting can also occur when multiple contracting vehicles are used for a single requirement.
This practice is prohibited and may also be illegal, depending upon the policy being circumvented.


What is a standing offer?

Agreements with suppliers to provide specific goods/services at a pre-arranged price for a specific period of time.


What are KPIs? Which are the most visible?

Key performance indicators present the state of the Ship’s supply performance. KPI reports allow Command oversight of materiel accountability and to improve weaknesses indicated in the KPI report.

Top 3 KPIs are:
Excess Stock- Excess stock of entitlement. Impacts inventory and operational requirements in CAF. Caused by over ordering and poor verifications.

Outstanding Returns on Work Order- Returns on WO to supply. Effects RCNs ability to satisfy pending/future requirements. Techs entering in WOs and pulling spares or poor communication.

Outstanding Returns to Base- Unserviceable/repairable items not being returned to base. Effects RCNs ability to satisfy pending/future requirements. Causes are sailing, low manning at return stores.

Outstanding issue to customer
Incomplete walk through
Outstanding LPO for a customer
Outstanding Orders prefacilitated Contract
Unserviceable stock no location
Expired shelf life
Serviceable stock no location


What is CTAT?

DAOD 3003
Controlled technology access transfer. Goods which are designed or modified for a military or strategic purpose and consist of munitions.

CTAT identifies specific cradle to grave handling requirements IOT maintain national security.

Ie. NVG, weapons, ammo, intellectual property

USA version is International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)


How is HAZMAT handled and returned?

HAZMAT is to be handled in a safe manner and packaged IAW current policies (WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act). HAZMAT is to be returned to BLOG HAZMAT Cell.


How is fuel procured?

Through Standing Offers, Ship's Chandler or Fuel Exchange Agreement (FEA).


How can an Acquisition Credit Card (ACC) be used? What cannot it not be used for?

ACCs can be used for authorized purchases IAW with the FAM, RC Manager and contracting authority. It is only a payment method. You shall not use it for: personal use, cash advances, travel, vehicle operating/maintenance expenses or restricted items.


What are the minimum Stores and Rations? What about a Ready Duty Ship?

General Stores- 90 days
Repair Parts- Per SHARP
Loan Clothing- Per MAST
Rations- 7 days for fresh and 14 days for dry/frozen. At sea replenish up to the level required to max of 60 days.

RDS- 7 days for fresh and 14 days for dry/frozen.


How is food procured by the Galley? How are Rations ordered?

A CF 1009 is done by the Sr Cook and given to the Victualler to enter into UNITRAK. Once completed the Victualler will pick and issue the food to the Galley. The order is entered by commodity into UNITRAK and then sent to BLOG FAC for procurement from the supplier.


How are rations brought on ship?

The victualler receives a CF1009 from Sr Cook. Then enters in UNITRAK by commodity. This is forwarded to FAC to order food.

The Sr Cook and Victualler will inspect for quality and quantity. If in a foreign port the PA will also inspect for quality. The food is brought on by conveyer and sorted by commodity into the storage spaces.


What is the maximum individual meal packs (IMPs) a Ship shall carry?



What are the mandatory standing offers?

Professional services
Admin services
Info services
Comms equip
Office supplies
Office equipment
Personnel services


What items are restricted?

SAM 3.2

Fire apparatus
Major military equipment
Items with mercury
IT equipment
Secure filing cabinets


What is a confirming and ratification order?

Confirming order payment has not been made
Ratification order paid for item

Used to fix contracting irregularities


What are the 3 ways to acquire fuel?

Fuel exchange agreement
Fuelling Jetty through N3


What are the 4 types of requisitions?

National Stock requisition- managed and funded nationally
Local purchase- for local purchase
Transfer requisition- transfer materiel between supply accounts.
Loan requisition- loaning materiel. Director of quality assurance authorizes.


When does stocktaking take place?

SNAC (small arms, NVGs)

Accountable items not on SLOC
SLOC (clothing)

Every 4 Years:


Must be recorded in DRMIS


What is the DND 638?

Loan card