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What are reports due on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually and as required basis?

Weekly- Alcohol Consumption Report

Monthly- Ships Monthly Fuel Consumption; Monthly Budget Report; Monthly Public/Non-Public Funds Verification.

Quarterly- Report of Proceedings; Food Services Report; Report of Write-off; WCF Forecast; AILK Quarterly Report; Provision of Services; Budget Report; Quarterly Public/Non-Public Funds Verification; Pay Account Verification.

Semi-Annual- NPF Financial Statement

Annually- Financial Signing Authorities; Materiel Attestation; Financial Attestation; Stocktaking Plan/ Stocktaking Performance Report.

As Required- Domestic Fuel Report; Foreign Fuel Report.


How many Compassionate Days can be given and by who?

CF Leave Manual, QR&O 16.17
The CO can approve up to 14 calendar days. Officer Commanding a Command can approve up to 30 calendar days.

Used for urgent and exceptional personal reasons.


How can a mbr use compassionate travel assistance?

CBI 209
The mbr should be made aware that they can use it up to 2 times (same person) for a immediate family mbr listed on their NOK form. The family mbr must be seriously ill, injured or dead. Reimbursement is the cost of the fastest economy class by commercial carrier.
CTA is a taxable benefit.


What is a Remedial Measure? What are the types of Remedial Measures?

DAOD 5019
They are a form of administrative action to inform and correct a mbrs deficiency and provide the support to overcome the deficiency.

Initial Counselling- 3-6 months; eligible for promotion, courses and postings.

Recorded Warning- 3- 6 months (can be extended for up to 3 months); eligible for promotion, courses and postings.

Counselling & Probation- 6-12 months (not involving drugs =6 months, involving drugs =12 months); not eligible for promotion, courses and postings.


How do you conduct a supersession?

NAVORD 5275-1
Incoming LogO should meet with: N41 to review the last LRI; MOC Advisors for manning; F4 and BLogO to get an appreciation of the Logistics operations. Ensure your qualifications are up to date (EMC, CDWT, Resource Manager, ACC Course). Then meet with the Departmental Coordinator and Section Heads to get an understanding of the Division (manning, weak areas) and brief your supersession plan. Conduct a walk-through of the Division's spaces and schedule stocktaking and PF/NPF Verifications.

Public Funds- Verify ACS and WCF, change safe combinations, review budget and redo DOAs. Confirm manning and personnel issues.

Non-Public Funds- Verify NPF stocktaking, cash count, Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Confirm manning and personnel issues.

Supply- Verify materiel accountability, security, store rooms. 100% stocktaking of provisions, clothing and SCAs. Review the MAST and Quarterly Reports of Write-offs. Confirm manning and personnel issues.

Food Services- Review Quarterly Food Services Report, UNITRAK, REAV, CF 1009s and Cyclical Menu. Confirm manning and personnel issues.

Once completed, sign the supersession certificate, Supply Handover, NPF Handover and Accounting Officer certificates. Brief the CO/XO on the results of the supersession. If there is any outstanding items that cannot be completed before the outgoing LogO has left, this should be annotated on the supporting documents.


What is compassionate status?

DAOD 5003

Is assigned when personal circumstance limit the mbr's deploy-ability or ability to perform duties. Normally 2 years, but can be extended to 3 years.


What is a compassionate posting?

DAOD 5003

To alleviate personal circumstances of a mbr who is assigned compassionate status.


What is Leave Travel Assistance (LTA)?

CBI 209
LTA is to reimburse a mbr travel costs to meet an immediate family mbr once/ year, at the lowest economical commercial carrier rate. It is at the low mileage rate. It is assistance not an entitlement.


What is Home Leave Travel Assistance (HLTA)?

CBI 209, CBI 10
HLTA is provided when deployed outside Canada in excess of 60 days. It is not authorized for the first 30 days at a post. The mbr can return to NOK location; have NOK meet where posted; or meet NOK in a location of 800km radius of the mbr's post.
It is an assistance not an entitlement. >90 days 33% allowance, >120 days 66% allowance.


What is Family Care Assistance (FCA)?

To assist with dependant care costs for single parents and service couples; where the CF is the cause of removing the mbr from their dependant for a period of 24hrs or more. Entitlement is difference between what is normally paid and what the mbr actually paid up to $75/day/family.


What is the purpose of a Casualty Assisting Officer?

To provide assistance and advice to the casualty/casualties family to reduce grief or suffering.


How does the grievance process work?

DAOD 2017, QR&O 7

It is for mbr's that have been aggrieved by a decision, act or omission for which there is no other process for redress. The griever has 3 months to submit their grievance from the time they ought reasonable to have known.
It is best to resolve at the lowest level (informal resolution), however if unsuccessful, a completed grievance checklist is to be forwarded to the IA. If the CO is the IA, the CO is to register it. Within 4 months the IA has to adjudicate the grievance. If the CO is/is not the IA, forward the grievance and checklist to DGCFGA within 10 days of receiving the grievance. The FA then has no time limit to make a determination. An Assisting Officer may be appointed to advise and review the grievance if the mbr requires.


What is an APRV?

Annual Personal Readiness Verification
Ensuring Ship’s Personnel are up to date in four parts:
Part 1- Annual Readiness
Part 2- Environmental training
Part 3- Mission specific
Part 4- Arrival Assistance Group

Includes suck things as:
Force test
Elemental specific training
Operational specific training

Every mbrs duty to complete their part 1 on their birth month.


What is an LCI?

As part of the Logistics Readiness Program, the Logistics Compliance Inspection is completed every 2 years. Previously Logistics Readiness Inspection. The LCI on off years should be completed by the Unit. Oversight over the readiness and effectiveness of the Logistics Department. If any deficiencies are found, brief the CO and rectify. Inform N4 within 21 days on how you will correct.


What are the allowances that can be expected on a deployment?

Sea Duty Allowance
Hardship Allowance
Foreign Duty Allowance
Ship Team Diver Allowance


What is the difference between administrative and disciplinary action?

DAOD 5019

Admin actions are to inform and provide support to correct deficiencies.

Disciplinary actions are initiated when evidence is beyond reasonable doubt to justify laying a charge. Consultation with AJAG to determine charge and level of punishment (monetary, confine to ship, etc...)


What is terms of service?

Mbrs are offered terms of engagement based on trade and education.

VIE- Variable Initial Engagement, obligatory contract (3-5 Years)
CE- Continuous Engagement (5 year)
IE- Initial Engagement (25 year)

Mbr has 30 days to sign once the CO has signed the TOS.