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what aspects of a project does sustainability affect

the whole environmental impact- including the materials, conservation of energy, alternate energy sources, adaptive resuse, IAQ, recycling, reuse.


what does it mean when the book says that sustainable design considers the full life cycle of a building material- what's the full life cycle

for one material you look at impact of raw material extraction and fabrication, installation, operation, maintenence and displosal


are any green organizations mandatory

no, none are part of any building code but governmental entities or large corporations may require you to follow them


what types of LEED catogories are there ? (types of construction)

commercial interiors, new construction, existing buildings, core and shell development, homes, schools, retail, healthcare and neighbourhood developement


what is GBI in regards to sustainability

Green Building Initiative- produces the Green GLobes that promote environmentally sustainable building practices. Based on a 1000 point scale.

evaluates energy, indoor environment, site, water, resources, emissions and project management. Gets a rating of 1 to 4 globes


What is NAHB when it comes to sustainability

National Associate of Home Builders- Green Building Standard

partners with the ICC (international code council)- created standard that describes green building practices for single and mulfi family homes, residential remolding, site development.

Approved by ANSI

rating- get bronze silver gold or emerald


what is energy star when it comes to sustainable design

by the enironmental protection agency and the US department of energy.

For buildings- must design, build and manage projects in ways that save energy. After a year it's energy consumption is measured and compared. on a scale from 1-100. 75 or more gets an energy star label


what is CHPS when it comes to sustainability

COllaborative for High Performance Schools

from California- but now a national organization

selection and handling of building materials


what is BRE when it comes to sustainability

Building Research Establishemtn - environmental assessment method

British- reviewing and improving the environmental performance of buildings.

get a pass, good, very good, or excellent


what are some examples of green product certification companies and describe

BIFMA- has two ANSI approved standards for VOS's for office furniture

energy star product label- pretty basic
floor score- hard-surface flooring for IAQ as per California

Forest stewardship council
greenguard-tests indoor produts for emissions

Greenlabel Plus- for carpet- cushion and adhesive that conforms to CHPS

Green Seal- evaluates life-cycle of products
Green Format- web based database for self reporting sustainable properties of products. Verified though

ISO 14000- collection of standards that cover issues like performance, labeling, life-cycle assesment

UL Environment- part of Underwriters Labs- promotes the marketplace visibility of sustainable products, services and organizations

Water Sense- part of the EPA to help consumers identify water efficient products


what is the Life-cycle assessment (LSA) and what are the steps

evaluates the environmental impact of using a particular material or product of a building

1. determine the purpose or the goals of doing the study
2. inventory anaysis- hardet part- all of the inputs and outputs of the product
3. Impact assessment- analysis the effects found in the analysis like resource depletion
4. improvement analysis- suggestions on how to reduce the environmental impact


what are the four main stages of a product's life cycle

raw-material aquisition
manufacturing (and distribution)
use and maintenance (and installing)


what are some examples of an "input" for the LCA

energy, water, raw or intermediate materials


what are some examples of an "output" for the LCA

pollution, solid waste, waterborn waste, transportation


when it comes to renewable materials, what does LEED give credit for in regards to this

credit if you use rapidly renewable building materials for 5% of the total value. Life cycle of 10 years or less - plants


what are rapidly renewable materials

wool carpet, bamboo flooring, straw board, cotton batt insulation, lino, poplar oriented strand board (OSB), sunflower seed board and wheatgrass cabinetry


what is the embodied energy of a material

as little energy possible for it's extraction as a raw material, initial processing and subsequent manufacturing, transportation during life cycle. produce as little waste and pollution as possible


what would make a product more "green" when it comes to it's maintainability

if you don't have to use cleaners that are toxic or have VOC's


should you use recycled or salvaged material more often

salvaged because it's already existing


what items are good to salvage

doors, windows, cabinetry, furnishings and equipment


what types of metal are available with recycled contect

steel and aluminium


how can interior designers help with the problem of deforestation

use reclaimed wood, specifying sustainable or alternate materials (like engineered wood vs solid wood, MDF), using certified wood products, or use MDF for mouldings instead of wood or composite wood veneers made from fast growing trees


what type of interior design product can use recycled plastic

carpet or window frames


what are the four categories of groups of finishes

adhesives, flooring, wall finishes & ceiling finishes


why is it important to know about adhesives

because this can be the sustainable problem part, not the actual material


what types of materials require adhesives for their installation

carpet, resilient flooring, plams, sheet metal, wood veneers and some wallcoverings


what can you specify to help with adhevives and sustainability

a low VOC adhesive


what sustainability factors must you consder when picking a carpet

raw-material, raw-material disposal and IAQ.


what are good raw materials for carpet manufacturing

polyester and nylon blend carpet made from recycled pop drings (PET) or wool, also pick a recycled underpad


what type of carpet material can be recycled easily

Nylon 6 fiber