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what is pre-design

all of the activities taken by the designer before the actual schematic design begins


according to NCIDQ- who does pre design and research in the design office

small firm- the person who manages the project

medium offices- principle of the firm and project manager may jointly do it


when you research a certain type of design, what does it say when you do it before you bid on a project vs after

before says you're knowledgeable after shows that you can solve the client's problems


how would you go about researching a type of project like retail or office design etc

trade journals


why must a designer carefully think through all the jobs required to realize the project based on a particular job or client

because the requirements of the project might be different. For example you might need to do mock ups for a project that will be duplicated over and over


who is a stakeholder in a project

includes all of those who control the project, work on it, or have an interest in its outcome- like owners, users of the facility, design team, consultancts


what factors help you pick the design team for a project

base on the size and scope of the job
the number and complexity of required tasks
the schedule
availability of ppl in the office
other project obligations


who picks the consultants

usually the client will contract with them directly based on the designer's recommendations. Or the client might say you need to work with these consultants


name (don't describe) the three construction delivery methods

design bid build
construction manager
design build


what is a design-bid build

construction method- traditional approach where the designer designs and makes construction docuements, then those are sent out for bid- lowest bid selected

generally produces the lowest cost

process takes longer because the drawings must be done in advance


what is a construction manager

used more on architectural projects

third party who is an expert in construction, costing and management.

this guy is hired by the owner and the designer can consult with him while designing about costs etc. can help select the contractor

this is used when fast tract construction is needed before the design drawings are complete


what is a design build construction delivery method

places reponsibility for the design and construction with one entity- a designer has their own construction company or vice versa

offers the owner a fixed price because it's all in one