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what is a project manual

contains all contract and noncontract documents except drawings and the agreement- contains tec specs


what are the two broad categories of specifications

prescriptive and performance

prescriptive: like a doctor perscribing you an exact medication- tells you exactly what product the contractor must use by brand name

performance- what results in the final construction assembly must achieve but gives choice in how they will be achieved- what does it do? from q practice


what type of spec would you use on public projects

open specifications to encourage competitive bidding


what is an open vs closed spec

open- open to bidding
closed- only one particular product is use- ID usually uses this because you spend so much time picking certain materials


name two types of prescriptive specs and what they are

proprietary- most restrictive- complete control over what's used

base bid- allows the substitution of other products that is equal. Can also have "approved equal" in the language so that you get to approve the proposed substitution- but this also can create a lot of work for the designer


name the types of performance specifications and describe

Descriptive- detailed written requirements but does not list any trade names- can include drawings? best for custom furniture. hard because you have to you need to write pertinent info for the construction and installation of the product

Reference- variate of descriptive but lists the exact tests the material must test

Pure Performance- setting criteria and results required


in the masterformat specs by CSI, what do the digits in the headings stand for

6 digits
two number are the div number
next pair (3&4) represents the level two hierarchy
last pair represents the level three in the heirarchy


what are divisions related to interior design when it comes to master format`

Div 00- contract requirements
01- general notes
03- concrete
04- masonry
05- metals
06- woods plastics and composite
09- openings
09- finishes
11- equipment
12 furnishings
22- plumbing
26- electrical


what are the parts to a masterformat organizing of a particular specification section

Part 1- general
Part 2- Products
Part 3- Execution


are specifications legal documents



What are some things to note when specifying- like what are some things you should and shouldn't do

- don't include standards that can't be measured like "first class manner
- don't use and/or or etc or any (means the contractor has a choice)
- keep them as short as possible
- make sure they are coordinated well with construction drawings- keep the lingo the same
- list dimension thickness in only one spot (dwg or spec)


in what parts of the master format should you list sustainability issues about products

div 01 the general requirements and in the individual spec items


what kind of drawing note belongs in the spec and not on the drawing

installation method or material qualities unless it's a smal project


if there is a conflict between the spec and the drawing, which one takes precedence

the specs are more binding