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name the four types of wood flooring (don't describe)

end grain block


what's the difference between plan and strip wood flooring

strip is thin strips that are 2.25" wide typically. Plank is wider from 3.25" up to 8"


what is block flooring

preassembled wood flooring like parquet


which types of wood flooring are considered sustainable

bamboo and palm wood


how do you install a wood floor to allow for expansion

leave a 3/4" gap around the perimeter of the room


how can you protect wood flooring from moisture

add a moisture barrier under the plywood sub floor or put the floor on 2 x 4 sleepers to get it off the slab.


what is the benefit of using engineered floors vs real wood floors

engineered floors are more dimensionally stable than solid wood- they shrink and swell less with moisture


what's the difference between thin set and thick set stone flooring installation

thin sest is 1/8" thick layer of mortar.

thick set is 3/4" to 1.25" thick


when would you use thick set vs thin set mortar for stone tile flooring installation

thick set is better for when the subfloor is uneven or when the stone floor varies in thickness. overall thickness of floor is 1.5-2.5" above the subfloor


what is the benefit of thin set mortar for stone flooring installs

it's cheaper and add less weight to the floor and are faster to install


what can you to for stone flooring to make sure the stone floor doesn't crack if the subfloor moves

install a membrane between the sub floor and the mortar so they are not bonded together.


what type of grout would you use if movement in the floor is expected

latex grout


what are some advantages to Terrazzo flooring

durability, water resistance, easy cleaning, fire resistance and large selection of colours and patterns


name the three types of Terrazzo flooring

standard- most common- small chips
Venetian- medium chips
Palladian- random fractured slabs of marble
Rustic- has the matrix derpressed to expose the chips


for Terrazzo floors, what's the best way to install it if the subfloor might move

sand cushion above the subfloor


what is resilient flooring

formed under heat and pressure to produce a thin material in either sheets or tile


what are the pros and cons to vinyl flooring

durable, resistant to indentation, abrasion, grease, water, alkalis and some acids. inexpensive and easy to install.

can be below grade or above grade

cons- ugly and not very sustainable


what are pros and cons of rubber flooring

pro- excellent resistance to deformation under loads, quiet

con- not resistant to oils and grease


what are the pros and cons of cork flooring

pro- renewable, good for acoustical control

con- needs a really smooth subfloor, needs to be refinished once in a while


what should you test the concrete sub floor for before installing resilient flooring and wood

moisture level, PH level and Alkalinity


what is the most common test to test concrete for moisture

calcium chloride test or moisture dome test- easy and inexpensive- place a mass of calcium chloride below a plastic cover and seal it to the floor. after 60-72 ours, the calcium chloride is weighed and compared to it's pre-test weight


what is the scale of PH and which is alkaline and which is acidic

0-14. 7 is considered neutral. Less than 7 is acidic and more than 7 is alkaline


what is the PH of concrete normally & what should it be for flooring


8.5 up to 9.0


what happens what concrete subfloor is too alkaline

1. can damage a tile install because the adhesive would liquify

2. alkali-silica reaction- the alkaline cement starts to dissolve sand and rock within the concrete and creates a gel like material that creates pressure and can buckle or blister floor finishes.


what are the pros of carpet for a flooring material

pretty, durable, quiet, easy to install, requires less maintenance than many other types of flooring


what are the three basic forms of carpet for installing

rugs, sheet and carpet tiles


what is a typical roll length for a roll of carpet



what is the best and second best fiber for carpets

1. wool- durable, wears well, flame resistant, easy to clean, most expensive
2. Nylon- economical, wear resistant, stain resistant and crush resistant. most popular for residential and commercial carpet


what type of carpet fiber is typically used for outdoor carpet

olefin aka polypropylene. Has a low melting point though


name 4 manufacturing processes to make carpet (don't describe yet)

needle punching
fusion bonding
knitting or custom tufting