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Quality Based Management

Concentrates on the quality of the product or service being produced. It tends toward a relaxed management style that empowers the subordinates, because every subordinate is held responsible for the quality of the product or service.


William Edwards Deming

Created the Deming Cycle, or the Plan-Do-Check-Act Model for quality control. Worked in Japan after WW2 to improve electronics.


Deming Cycle

Four step problem solving process

Plan- plan your action
Do - do the action
Check- check the action for quality and see if it can be improved
Act - Implement the improvement process then start over


Phillip B. Crosby

Famous for "zero defects" and "Doing It Right from the Start" (DRIFT) philosophy.


Phillip B Crosby's "Absolutes of Quality Management"

1. Quality is achieved through conformance to standards.

2. Quality through prevention of defects is better and more cost effective, than quality through inspection. (Heart of DRIFT)

3. Zero defects is the quality performance standard.

4. Quality is measured by the price of non-conformance; costs to increase quality should be assumed in the organization's finances.


Total Quality Management (TQM)

Idea that quality comes from everyone checking the quality at every stop of the production.


9 Areas that TQM practices look at, defined by Cua, McKone, and Schroeder

1. Cross-functional product design
2. Process management
3. Supplier quality management
4. Customer involvement
5. Information and feedback
6. Committed leadership
7. Strategic planning
8. Cross-functional training
9. Employee involvement


Kaizen Approach

Utilizes incremental, continuous improvement for people, products, and processes. It stresses the need for employees and managers to maintain an environment of communication, education, and experimentation.



A management method in which a process or product is 'reworked' from the ground up. Often necessary in the case of a broken process that has been identified as sub-standard in quality.


ISO Standards

International Organization for Standardization. Formal guidelines which ensure quality production by employees.


ISO 9000

One of the most important external standards for a world-class organization. Indicates that an organization is committed to maintaining high quality standards.