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multiple copy histone genes

- some may all be transcribed in the same direction
- some may not
- different strands may serve as coding strand depending on if the genes arrows point in different directions


repeat expansion mutations

- due to problems during replication
- diseases caused by CAG repeats due to Gln
- most people have a low number of Gln repeats near important genes


hairpin-induced trinucleotide repeat instability

- nascent-strand hairpin formation
- template-strand hairpin formation


nascent-strand hairpin formation

- hairpin formed after first replication on the newly synthesized DNA
- DNA is now expanded and passed on afterwards


template-strand hairpin formation

- hairpin formed after first replication on template DNA
- DNA is now contracted and passed on afterwards


examples of genetic diseases caused by expanding trinucleotide repeats

- fragile-X syndrome
- Huntington disease

- many cause problems with nervous system and/or coordination


histone coding genes as examples of

- tandemly-repeated, protein-coding genes.


genes that code for ribosomal RNAs as examples of

- tandemly repeated DNA (multiple-copy, RNA-coding genes).


the arrangement of genes within repeated units

- varies from organism to organism.