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Define probability.

a strong likelihood or chance of something.


What is the significance level?

this is the level at which the researcher decides to reject the null hypothesis and accept the H1 or vice versa.


What is the usual level of significance?



In psychology explain what probability being under 0.05 means.

we need to be 95% certain that the IV caused the DV and the other 5%is that the observed effect is due to chance.


What is an observed/calculated value?

a value that represents the data set from an experiment achieved by carrying out a statistical test.


What is a critical value?

taken from a published statistical value which, when compared with an observed value, shows whether the results are significant or not.


What is the criteria for doing a sign test?

we need to be looking for a difference between two conditions rather than an association

we need to have used a repeated measures design

we need data that is organised into categories known as nominal data.