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Compare SLT with the behaviourist approach.

SLT agree with behaviourist on the principles of stimulus and response but a Skinner says learning is the result of operant conditioning whereas SLT say we can learn through observation alone .


Compare SLT with the cognitive approach.

Both approaches put forward mediating factors however cognitive puts forward attention, perception, memory, language and thinking.


Describe the research method used by SLT.

Adopts scientific and non-scientific methods of investigation.


Describe and evaluate Bandura's Bobo Doll experiment.

He investigated whether aggression could be learnt through observing a role model. 3-6 year olds shown videos of a role model with a Bobo Doll. There were three conditions; a video with positive commentary, negative commentary and no commentary.
The child was then placed in a room with the Bobo Doll.
Results showed boys were more aggressive than girls in all three conditions and girls were more affected by the negative commentary.
Aggression can be learnt through observation alone.
+ high control over variables so cause and effect can be established
+compared both genders
-lacks ecological validity
- demand characteristics


Compare SLT with the biological approach.

SLT believe aggression can be learnt through observation alone whereas the biological approach would argue that it is the result of testosterone.


Explain the mediating factors that SLT put forward

Attention-observing the role model
Retention-identify thing you like about them
Motor Reproduction- imitate and copy behaviour
Motivation- reinforcement so continues


Compare SLT with the psychodynamic approach

SLT agrees with Freud and his concept of identification but Freud argued that we only identify with the same sex role model whereas SLT believe it could be any role model.


What is vicarious reinforcement ?

Observing indirectly the consequence of other people's behaviour


What is observation

When you are watching a role model


What is imitation?

Copying the behaviour of a role model


Compare SLT to the humanistic approach.

SLT is less mechanistic than the cognitive approach which has pleased the humanistic approach because it suggest we have free will to choose our role model.


What are the main assumptions of the social learning theory?

We learn through observation alone

Is a bridge between the cognitive approach and the behaviourist approach

Put forward mediating factors which influence how we model and learn behaviour

We only observe role models who have a higher status, power and attractiveness.

We must observe, identify and imitate their behaviour hence we must like them to do this.

We can learn through vicarious reinforcement.