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Give two examples of consciously altering basic breathing rhythm

Hyperventilating and holding breath, both are overridden if necessary


What is the role of the dorsal respiratory group and where is it found

Primarily responsible for quiet inspiration - shows periods of activity followed by periods of quiet - length of activity defines how long and deep a breath is - found in the medulla


What is the role of the ventral respiratory group

Involved in both inspiration and expiration - not active during quiet inspiration but controls both forced in/expiration


What is the role of the pre botzinger complex and where is it found

Found in the ventral respiratory group in the medulla and controls the basic breathing pattern


What two centres are found in the pons and what is their function

Pneumotaxic centre - Shortens inspirations to increase the rate of breathing

Apneustic centre - Increases the depth and reduces the rrate by prolonging inspirations


What is the Hering Bruer reflex

Stretch receptors in the lung are activated upon over inflation - Vagus nerve fires action potentials to the inspiratory centres in the medulla and apneustic centre in the pons to prevent any more inflation - Phrenic nerve acts on the diaphragm


What role do chemoreceptors have on the control of respiration

Central chemoreceptors monitor the cerebro spinal fluid for changes in pH and carbon dioxide
Peripheral chemoreceptors found in the aortic arch and the carotid body are stimulated by a rise in CO2 or a fall in pH or O2, If these receptors are activated then ventilation is increased