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What is an example of a Romanesque cathedral

The saint sernin cathedral in Toulouse


When was the saint sernin cathedral built

During the 11th and 12th centuries


What is the plan of the Sernin based on

The basilica plan of the early Cristian churches and the floor plan is the shape of the crucifix


What is the Sernin an example of

How the problem of building a very large barrel vault was countered by using a series of arches to connect opposite piers


How were the arches situated to counter the large barrel vault

They were situated opposite direction of the barrel vault of the nave. This made it possible to reduce the thickness of the side wall


What are buttresses and what did they do

They also helped support these ribbed vaults


What was the disadvantage of this building style

It was difficult to provide adequate lighting


Where was the only place to put windows

In the barrel vault and this would weaken its structure


Where did the lighting come from

The door and the windows in the side aisles


What was a solution to the problem of lighting

Ribbed cross vault/ groin vault


What is an example of the groin vault/ ribbed cross vault

Durham cathedral


How did the ribbed cross vault solve the problem

the combination of cross vault and the burgess system made it possible to include clerestory windows that illuminated the interior sufficiently.


What shows the beginning of gothic architecture

The pointed arches of the Durham cathedral


What did all art forms depend on during this time

The patronage of the church and its officials who were finically powerful.


What is an important part of Romanesque art that foreshadowed gothic sculpture

Architectural sculpture


What were architectural sculptures in Romanesque art

They were individual and expressive works, placing Christ at the centre of the composition while using symbolism to convey a more complex message


Where were the buttresses concealed

Beneath the roofs and contributes to the heavy structure and lack of window space