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Where were most elements of gothic architecture presented

In Romanesque buildings


Why did gothic architecture develop the elements of Romanesque architecture

To provide more space and use less building materials


What were the main two elements that transformed gothic architecture

The pointed arch and the flying buttresses


What did the use of pointed arches to cover the nave create

An opportunity to cover wide area and to rise to any eight, regardless of its span


How did the pointed arch compare to the round arch

The rounded arch had a sideward spread of weight, while the trust of the pointed arch downwards onto its supporting member resulted in a structure that was lighter and easier to build


What is the function of flying buttresses

To resist the outward thrust of the vaulting.


What was achieved by exposing the buttresses and paring them down to slender supports

They contributed to the visual support of the upward rising roof and allowed for large window space


What is the floor plan of the Chartres cathedral

It is in cruciform consisting of a tree story nave and short transepts north and south. It is rounded on the east end with 5 semi-circular chapels extending from it. The exterior of the west end is dominates by contrasting towers


When does the plain pyramid style tower date back to



What attracted may people to the Chartres

The shrine of the Virgin Mary , which was said to contain the veil she once wore.


Where is the Chartres cathedral

It is geographically and spiritually in the centre of the town


What was the Chartres cathedral surrounded by in the Middle Ages

Bishop’s palace, cathedral school, cloister, lodging for travellers and an almshouse to help the poor. In front of the west facade was a market pace


What is is I contributed to some of the building materials and labour

The townspeople


What did guilds donate

Windows and statues


What was the church

A manifestation of the pride of the community and it symbolise stud age of faith


Who was the gothic sculpture directed at

The public, therefore it was visible on the exterior of cathedrals, such as Charteres.


What was considered part of the architecture

The large number of figures clustered around the entrance


What replaced the art of murals if mosaics

The collection of 175 colourful stained glass windows


How are the coloured in stain glass windows achieved

Adding minerals to glass while in a molten state


What happens when stain glass windows are seen against the light

The glass appears translucent while the lead and iron used to joint the pieces of glass together become black that outline the figures


What are the designs of the stain glass windows related to

The designs seen in mosaics and manuscript illumination


What period was the renaissance

From the 14th century to the 16th centuries in Europe.