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A ______ is a group organized to work together.



A _______ is an assemblage of persons or objects located or gathered together



Mission statements define:

the "where and what" work centers, units, wings, etc. accomplish on a daily basis.


As a Mission defines the purpose of an organization, a _______ defines that purpose in connection with the organization's values.



Skills a team leader employs to foster the communication process on the team are called?

Communication Skills


________________ are those things the team leader applies to promote effective team member relationships and interaction within the team.

Human Relation Skills


__________________ are those things the team leader possesses to act as a functioning, contributing member of the team

Participation Skills


_____________ are usually functional experts in their respective areas and bring a wealth of ideas to the team. Their contributions to the success of the team‘s goals and objectives can never be underestimated.

Team members


What are some roles of the team member?

• Sharing knowledge and expertise
• Participating in all meetings and discussions
• Carrying out all assignments
• Being creative


What are some roles of roles of the team leader?

• Represents the team to senior leadership
• Provides guidance and direction
• Focuses on team goals, behaviors, and standards to accomplish the mission
• Listens actively and encourages total participation
• Promotes open and clear communication


Define Team Dynamics:

Team dynamics is an ongoing process involving interaction of individuals within a team to achieve the desired objective


What are the stages of team development?

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning/Transforming


What is the Forming stage of team development?

When a team is forming, members cautiously explore the boundaries of acceptable group behavior.


What is the storming stage of team development?

This is probably the most difficult stage for a team. This is where team members want to know the goals and objectives. It is as if members jump in the water and, thinking they are about to drown, start to thrash about


What is the norming stage of team development?

During this stage, members reconcile competing loyalties and responsibilities; there is an attitude change. They accept the team, team ground rules (or ―norms‖), their roles on the team, and the individuality of fellow members.


What is the performing stage of team development?

By this stage, the team has settled its individual relationships and expectations. There is a sense of high morale, team loyalty, and trust. Members begin diagnosing and solving problems, brainstorming, and choosing and implementing changes; creativity is high


What is the Adjourning/Transforming of team development?

Adjourning takes place as the team begins to break up and individual members move on to other activities. Most times Adjournment is planned, like when a temporary team completes its objectives and no longer has a reason to function.


What are the preferred Team Member Roles on the Barnes Center’s Electronic Team Members Preferred Role Estimator (e-TMPRE) assessment?

Creator, Advancer, Refiner, Executer


Creators focus on the ____________.


(They generate new ideas and fresh concepts. They prefer to live in a world of possibilities.)


____________ focus on the interaction


(They communicate new ideas and carry them forward. Advancers manage the human component of any solution and enjoy whipping up enthusiasm for a project.)


Refiners focus on the __________


(They challenge all concepts. They use a methodical process to analyze things in an orderly manner to detect possible flaws and identify potential problems under discussion.)


___________ focus on the realization.


(They follow up on team objectives and implement ideas and solutions. Executors deliver concrete results and seek successful implementations.)


What are the characteristics of Creators?

• Spontaneous, exciting, enthusiastic, and great at brainstorming ideas

• Typically, the ones who offer a fresh perspective

• Offer bold, untried approaches and ideas


What are the characteristics of Advancer?

• Positive with self-confident attitudes

• Insightful planners and use past experience to guide success

• Energetic supports of team goals and objectives

• Well-developed promoters


What are the characteristics of Refiner?

• Able to identify and clarify possible problems

• Detail-oriented

• Experts in specifics and the development of a sound implementation strategy


What are the characteristics of Executer?

• Willing to implement ideas

• Meticulous in following directions and completing tasks

• Assertive

• Independent

• Keepers of high standards

• Able to bring up problems


_______ can often adapt their styles.


(The needs of the team, and they probably view issues from different perspectives.)


What are the characteristics of Flexers?

• Tolerant and understand different members of the team

• Able to identify what is missing in the process, and fill in the gap to allow for uninterrupted progress

• Willing to offer suggestions to improve the process