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____________ person of any rank who directs the activities of an individual or team and is usually responsible for the productivity of that person or team.



__________________ the official in your chain of command designated by management to provide performance feedback and initiate performance reports.

Reporting Official (Rater)


What are four purposes the Enlisted Evaluation System?

1. To establish performance standards and expectations for ratees, provide meaningful feedback on how well the ratee is meeting those expectations, and to give direction on how to better meet those established standards and expectations.

2. To provide a reliable, long-term, cumulative record of performance and potential based on that performance.

3. To provide SNCO evaluation boards, the Weighted Airman Promotion System (WAPS) and other personnel managers’ sound information to assist in identifying the best-qualified officers and enlisted personnel.

4. To document in the permanent record any substantiated allegation of a sex-related offense against an Airman, regardless of grade, that results in conviction by courts-martial, non-judicial punishment, or other punitive administrative action.

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______________ is probably the most popular way of monitoring performance.

Direct observation


If you have several Airmen, your Airmen are on different shifts or they work in different locations you may have to use ______________ as a method of monitoring.

indirect observation


What are some means of acquiring indirect observation?

Seek indirect observations from trusted peers or leaders so you receive unbiased and honest observations.


What occurs during an Initial Performance Feedback?

you establish expectations for the upcoming rating/reporting period. As a supervisor, you are required to deliver an Initial feedback session within the first 60 days of your assignment as a supervisor.


What occurs during a Midterm Performance Feedback?

Occur between the date supervision began and the projected EPR closeout date. The midterm feedback is your opportunity to evaluate your Airman’s performance midway through the evaluation period and inform him/her of how well he/she has been meeting the standards established during the initial feedback.


What are some additional Types of Feedback?

End-of-Reporting Period Feedback, Preventative feedback, Rehabilitative feedback


What are some rater evaluation errors?

1. Leniency
2. Harshness
3. Recency
4. Past Performance Error
5. Central Tendency
6. Contrast Error
7. Halo Effect
8. First Impression Error
9. The Similar-to-Me Effect

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