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Tag facts

1. tag out logs are the responsibility of the EO
2. danger tags are red, equipment must not be operated at any time
3. caution tags are yellow
4. OOC label is red instruments will not correctly indicate parameters
equipment will not be used


Safety in spaces

1. confined space has limited entry and exit, not designed for continuous habitation, large enough and configured so employee can enter and perform assigned work.
2. gas free engineer must be present for confined space and must test atmosphere prior to person entering. must be ventilated 24 hours
3. non permit confined space- no hazards
4. permit required confined space- contains known hazards


Out of calibration

can be used if error is constant and notes


safety random facts

1. center for disease control created universal precautions
2. working over side- pdf worn pneumatic tool done use electric tool
3. uscg complies with OSHA for safety and healthy workplace standard
4. MSDS are kept in the right to know station
5. treat all bomb threats seriously
6. hearing loss-painless progressive permanent


RPC respiratory protection program coordinator

1. ensuring correct respirator is selected
2. medically qualified to wear the selected resp.
3. personnel are fit tested for the selected resp.
4. cartridge change out schedules are followed
5. personnel receive resp. protection training


Personnel wearing respirator are responsible

1. using resp. properly
2. inspecting prior to use during cleaning
3. reporting malfunctions
4. conducting fit checks prior to using
5. cleaning and maintaining as directed