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Altruistic; adjective

-thoughtful of the welfare of others. In providing tutorial assistance and college scholarships for hundreds of economically disadvantaged youth, Eugene Lang performed a truly altruistic deed. Ant: selfish


Chimerical; adjective

-absurd; wildly fanciful. As everyone expected, Ted’s chimerical scheme to make a fortune by raising ermines in his back yard proved a dismal failure.


Deter; verb

-to discourage; to keep someone from doing something. The shock collar is meant to deter the animal from leaving its owner’s yard. Detention is supposed to deter the student from breaking the rules. Ant: encourage


Enhance; verb

-to add to; to make greater in value. You can enhance your chances of being admitted to the college of our choice by learning to write well; an excellent essay can enhance any application.


Incontrovertible; adjective

-not able to be disputed or denied. Unless you find the evidence against my client absolutely incontrovertible, you must declare her not guilty of this charge. Ant: questionable


Piety; noun

-devotion and reverence, especially to God and family. The nuns in the convent were noted for their piety; they spent their days in worship and prayer.


Relic; noun

-a thing or part that remains from the past; something kept as sacred because it belonged to a saint. Egypt’s Department of Antiquities prohibits tourists from taking mummies and other ancient relics out of the country. Mike keeps his photos of his trip to Egypt in a box with other relics of his travels.


Scrupulous; adjective

-very honest and conscientious; careful about claimed expenses.
Though Alfred is scrupulous in fulfilling his duties at work, he is less conscientious about his obligations to his family and friends.


Temerity; noun

-rashness; foolish or reckless boldness. Do you have the temerity to argue with me? Ant: reticence


Unimpeachable; adjective

-beyond doubt or reproach; unquestionable Her conduct in office was unimpeachable and her record remains spotless.


Vicarious; adjective

-taking the place of another; experienced through sympathetic participation in the experience of another. Though Violet was too meek to talk back to anybody, she got a vicarious kick out of Rita’s sharp retorts. Since I never went to college, I can live those experiences vicariously through my children.


Ambiguous; adjective

-permitting more than one interpretation; not clearly defined.
Listening to Archer's ambiguous remarks, we weren't sure whether he was on our side. His ambiguous instructions misled us; we did not know which road to take. Ant: defined / clear


Chronic; adjective

- lasting a long time; constant. When Dad's cough became chronic we cajoled him into getting a chest x-ray. The doctors were finally able to attribute his chronic headaches and nausea to traces of formaldehyde gas in his apartment. Ant: fleeting


Devious; adjective

-not straightforward; lying; roundabout. Earl was upset because I refused to condone his devious ways. The Joker’s plan was so devious that it was only with great difficulty we could follow its shifts and dodges. Ant: direct


Enigma; noun

-a puzzle; a baffling situation. Why a bright student should make such egregious errors is an enigma. Many have sought to fathom the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa.