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Accessible; adj.

– easy to get to; obtainable; nearby; available; reachable / inaccessible
We asked our guide whether the ruins were accessible on foot.


Adversary; noun

– opponent; challenger; rival; enemy; foe / supporter
The young wrestler struggled to defeat his adversary.


​Censorious; adj.

– disapproving; critical; severe; stern; hypercritical; contemptuous / approving
Censorious people delight in casting blame.


Commemorate; verb

–to honor the memory of somebody or something; remember; memorialize; observe / ignore
The statue of the Minute Man commemorates the valiant soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War.


​Disdain; verb

– view with scorn; despise; contempt; derision; disparagement / respect
In the film Funny Face, the bookish heroine disdained fashion models for their lack of intellectual interests.


Doctrine; noun

– teachings, in general; policy; principle; set of guidelines; canon; dogma
He was so committed to the doctrines of his faith that he was unable to evaluate them impartially.


Eloquence; noun

– the ability to speak forcefully; expressiveness; articulacy; persuasiveness
The crowds were stirred by Martin Luther King’s eloquence.


Exploit; verb

– take advantage of; make use of; to use or develop something in order to gain a benefit
Cesar Chavez fought attempts to exploit migrant farmworkers in California.


​Fallacious; adj.

– false; untrue; misleading; erroneous; deceptive
Paradoxically, fallacious reasoning does not always yield erroneous results: even though your logic may be faulty, the answer you get may nevertheless be correct.


Frivolous; adj.

– lacking in seriousness; playful; frolicsome; perky; lighthearted; flippant / serious
Though Nancy enjoyed Bill’s frivolous, lighthearted companionship, she sometimes wondered whether he could ever be serious.


Ingenious; adj.

– clever; resourceful; original; inventive; creative
Kim admired the ingenious way that her computer keyboard opened up to reveal the built-in CD-Rom.


Lavish; adj.

– generous; openhanded; extravagant; lush; abundant
Her wealthy suitors wooed her with lavish gifts.


Methodical; adj.

– systematic; logical; disciplined; precise; orderly / haphazard
An accountant must be methodical and maintain order among his financial records.


Ostentatious; adj.

– marked by a vulgar display of wealth; pretentious; flamboyant / modest
Donald Trump’s casino in Atlantic City is the most ostentatious gambling palace in the East: it easily out-glitters its competitors.


Phenomena; noun

– observable facts; subjects of scientific investigation; plural of phenomenon; marvel
We kept careful records of the phenomena we noted in the course of these experiments.


Precocious; adj.

– advanced in development, especially mentally; intelligent; gifted; talented / slow
Listening to the grown-up way the child discussed serious topics, we couldn’t help remarking how precocious she was.


Repudiate; verb

– disown; disavow; reject; disclaim; renounce; deny / acknowledge
On separating from Tony, Tina announced that she would repudiate all debts incurred by her husband.


​Robust; adj.

– vigorous; strong, healthy, and hardy in constitution; hearty; full-bodied / weak
After pumping iron and taking karate for six months, the little old lady was so robust that she could break a plank with her fist.


Succinct; adj.

– brief; terse; concise; to the point; pithy
Don’t bore your audience with excess verbiage: be succinct.


Turmoil; noun

– great commotion and confusion; chaos; disorder; mayhem / order
Lydia running off with a soldier! Mother fainting at the news! The Bennet household was in turmoil.