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Abridge; verb

To shorten; to condense; to diminish;
For people who don’t want to read an entire newspaper, there are clipping services that abridge new stories to specification.

Ant. to curtail/expand; extend; increase


Articulate; adj.

– effective; distinct
The student’s articulate presentation impressed the teacher.


Articulate -Verb

- to speak or pronounce clearly and distinctly; to express effectively
When children first learn to talk, they do not articulate well. Surveys show that women are more apt at articulating their feelings than are men.


​Belie; verb

– to contradict; give a false impression
His coarse, hard-bitten exterior belied his inner sensitivity.


Conciliatory; adj.

– making peace; placate
The conciliatory handshake between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal was a symbol that the opponents would try to get along.

Ant. provoke


Despondent; adj.

– despairing; depressed
Holden Caulfield was so despondent, he contemplated suicide.



Ephemeral; adj.

- short-lived; fleeting
Many celebrity relationships are ephemeral; they are short-lived.

Ant. lasting; permanent


Exuberance; noun

– overflowing abundance; joyful enthusiasm
I was bowled over by the exuberance of your welcome.
Adj. – Pittsburgh Steelers fans were exuberant when their team won the Super Bowl.
Ant. apathy; despondent


Glutton; noun

- someone who eats too much; a person having the capacity to withstand


Hypothetical; adj.

– based on assumptions or hypotheses; unproven
The teacher gave us a hypothetical situation and told us to role play.

Ant. real; actual


Insipid; adj.

– dull; bland/ exciting
Our math teacher tells the most insipid jokes, but we laugh because he is such a nice guy.


Jocular; - adj.

– inclined to joke; jovial; merry; amusing or intended to cause amusement
Every time I went to math class, our jocular teacher told a new joke.
Ant. serious


​Lament; verb

– to grieve; express sorrow
The 49ers’ fans lamented the loss of their team in the Super Bowl.


Miserly; adj.

- stingy; mean
On Christmas Eve, old Scrooge ceased being miserly and became a generous, kind man.

Ant. generous


Oblivion; noun

- obscurity; forgetfulness
We have seen many pop groups and singers come up, and have witnessed quite a few fade into oblivion.


Placate; verb

– to win over, conciliate, mollify, appease, soothe
The manager authorized a refund to placate the angry customer.

Ant. enrage


Quagmire; noun

– soft, wet, boggy land; a complex or dangerous situation from which it is difficult to free oneself
The US quagmire in Afghanistan is raising big questions among many occupying US troops.


Satirical; adj.

– mocking
Some contemporary cartoonists have created satirical cartoons mocking the world’s great religions.

Ant. respectful


Tranquility; noun

– calmness; peace
It is up to our generation to restore tranquility for a peaceful world.

Ant. disturbance


​Usurp; verb

– to seize by force without legal rights
The army revolted and usurped control from the rightful government.


Whimsical; adj.

– capricious; fanciful
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare, is a whimsical fantasy that explores love’s mysterious powers.