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tarry- v.

delay; dawdle. We can’t tarry if we want to get to the airport on time.


tawdry- adj.

cheap and gaudy. He won a few tawdry trinkets in Coney Island.


tedious- adj.

boring; tiring. The repetitious nature of work on the assembly line made Martin’s job very tedious. Tedium, n.


tempestuous- adj.

stormy; impassioned, violent. Racket-throwing tennis star John McEnroe was famed for his displays of tempestuous temperament.


temporal- adj.

not lasting forever; limited by time; secular. At one time in our history, temporal rulers assumed that they had been given their thrones by divine right.


tenacious- adj.

holding fast. I had to struggle to break his tenacious hold on my arm.


tenuous- adj.

thin; rare; slim. The allegiance of our allies is based on such tenuous ties that we have little hope they will remain loyal.


tenure- n.

holding an office; time during which such an office is held. A special recall election put a sudden end to Gray Davis’s tenure in office as governor of California.


tepid- adj.

lukewarm, To avoid scalding the baby, make sure the bath water is tepid, not hot.


thespian- adj.

pertaining to drama. Her success in the school play convinced her she was destined for a thespian career. Also n.


timorous- adj.

fearful; demonstrating fear. His timorous manner betrayed the fear he felt at the moment.


titter- n.

nervous laugh. Her aunt’s constant titter nearly drove her mad. Also v.


torrid- adj.

passionate; hot or scorching. Harlequin Romances publish torrid tales of love affairs, some set in torrid climates.


traduce- v.

expose to slander. His opponents tried to traduce the candidate’s reputation by spreading rumors about his past.


transcendent- adj.

surpassing; exceeding ordinary limits; superior. For that amateur chef, dining at the four-star restaurant was a transcendent experience: the meal surpassed his wildest dreams.


transitory- adj.

impermanent; fleeting. Fame is transitory: today’s rising star is all too soon tomorrow’s washed-up-has-been. Transitoriness n.


travail- n.

painful physical or mental labor; drudgery; torment. Like every other high school student she knew, Sherry hated the yearlong travail of cramming for the SAT. also v.


treatise- n.

article treating a subject systematically and thoroughly. He is preparing a treatise on the Elizabethan playwrights for his graduate degree.


trenchant- adj.

forceful and vigorous; cutting. With his trenchant wit, Richie cuts straight to the heart of the matter, panning a truly dreadful play.


truculence- n.

aggressiveness; ferocity. Tynan’s reviews were noted for their caustic attacks and general tone of truculence. Truculent adj.