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​Antiquated; adj.

– quaint; extremely out of date; old-fashioned; archaic / modern; in-style; fashionable
Philip had grown so accustomed to editing his papers on word processors that he thought typewriters were too antiquated for him to use.


Austere; adj.

– plain and simple, without luxury or self-indulgence; severe; stern; strict; / luxurious
The room reflected the man, austere and bare, like a monk’s cell with no touches of luxury.


Concur; verb

– to have the same opinion or reach agreement on a specified point; agree; harmonize; be in accord / conflict
Did you concur with the decision of the court, or did you find it unfair?


​Contentious; adj.

– causing or likely to cause disagreement and disputes between people with differing views; controversial; debatable; arguable
Disagreeing violently with the referees’ ruling, the coach became so contentious that they threw him out of the game.


​Criterion; noun

– an accepted standard used in making decisions or judgments and something (often used in the plural); decisive factor; principle; measure; standard
What criterion did you use when you selected this essay as the prizewinner?​


Discordant; adj.

– in disagreement; consisting of sounds, usually musical notes, that are harsh, unpleasant or clashing; dissonant; jarring; harsh; inharmonious; cacophonous / harmonious
Nothing is quite so discordant as the sound of a junior high school orchestra tuning up.


​Divergent; adj.

– different; differing; deviating; conflicting; / similar
Since graduating from medical school, the two students have taken divergent paths, one going on to become a prominent surgeon, the other dedicating himself to a small family practice.


Equivocal; adj.

– vague; ambiguous; ambivalent; oblique / clear
Reflecting the candidate’s equivocal comments on tax reform, the reporters pressed him to state clearly where he stood on the issue.


Extraneous; adj.

– irrelevant; unrelated; unconnected; superfluous / pertinent
His mind is so cluttered up with extraneous trivia, he can’t concentrate on the essentials.


Gregarious; adj.

– very friendly and sociable; outgoing; extroverted; convivial / shy
Typically, partygoers are gregarious; hermits are not.


​Innocuous; adj.

– inoffensive; harmless; innocent; safe; mild/ offensive
An occasional slice of cheesecake after dinner is relatively innocuous and should have no ill effect on you.


Insularity; noun.

– narrow-mindedness; narrowness; isolation
The insularity of the islanders manifested itself in their suspicion of anything foreign.


Notoriety; noun.

– disrepute; infamy; dishonor; unsavory reputation; ill repute
To the starlet, any publicity was good publicity: if she couldn’t have a good reputation, she’d settle for notoriety.


Opulence; noun

– great wealth or influence; luxury; lavishness; / poverty
The glitter and opulence of the Academy Awards Show took my breath away.


Pragmatic; adj.

– more concerned with practical results than with theories and principles; realistic; sensible; / idealistic
This coming trip to France should provide me with a pragmatic test of the value of my conversational French class.


Prolific; adj.

– highly productive; abundant; creative; / unproductive
My editors must assume I’m a prolific writer: they expect me to revise six books this year!


​Reprove; verb.

– criticize; take to task; accuse; rebuke; admonish; chide
Though Aunt Bea had to reprove Opie for inattention in church, she believed he was a God-fearing lad.


Superfluous; adj.

– in excess of what is needed; extra; surplus / basic
Please try not to include so many superfluous details in your report; just give me the facts.


​Surreptitious; adj.

– done, made, or acquired by secret or sneaky methods; furtive; sly; covert
Hoping to discover where his mom had hidden the Christmas presents, Timmy took a surreptitious peek in to the master bedroom closet.


Vilify; verb

– to make malicious and abusive statements about somebody; speak ill of; malign; denigrate; slander; disparage / compliment
Waging a highly negative campaign, the candidate attempted to vilify his opponent’s reputation.