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What does 'advidya' mean

ignorance; not knowing what one is doing


Why is Ujjayi pranayama or breathe used?

Ujjayi pranayama offers a prism or barometer through which to maintain awareness of how one is doing in one’s yoga practice.

Using a breath in this way allows one to proceed with a clear awareness of steadiness and ease.


What is parinmavada?

The understanding that constant change is inherent part of the cause-and-effect nature of life.


What is vinyasa krama?

Vinyasa - to place in a special way
Krama - proceeding step by step according to regular order

Vinyasa krama refers to the informed and sequential arrangement and pacing of a asanas, pranayamas, and other yoga techniques to accommodate different intentions and abilities.

Concept comes from Krishnamacharya

Asks us to take expanded view of "vinyasa" (not just Chaturanga, Up Dog, Down Dog).

Vinyasas are variations and movements in which we consciously connect the breath, mind, and body in relation to one another.


Applying the concepts of parinamavada and vinyasa krama, we are led to create sequences that are these five things:

1. Informed
2. Effective
3. Efficient
4. Beautiful
5. Integrated


An Effective class means what?

The sequence is successful in bringing about the intended result


An Efficient class means what?

The sequence moves toward the intended result in the simplest way.


An Beautiful class means what?

Each breath, movement, and posture is done consciously, in keeping with one's overall intention and an abiding openness to the clearer insights that emerge from doing yoga more consciously. The practice then progresses away from The external to the internal.


An Integrated class means what?

An integrated class is a class that takes account of the whole experience.