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when does death occur?

tech advancing, change in distinguishing how ppl move towards death.

cardiac vs brain death. are organ donors dead?


hassan rasouli story

brain damage as result of infection following surgery
in persistent vegetative state - docs say wanna withdraw life support.


what is PVS

an intermediate step between life + brain death

- body capable of growth/development + absence of response to stimuli


define brain death?

entails loss of awareness, lack of reflexes, absence of response to stimuli


Hassan rasouli - family perspective

belief that Hassan was recovering + would soon gain consciousness.
- removing life support violates religious beliefs.


Hassan Rasouli - doc's perspective

medical futility

= constrain cost of HC


what is medical futility?

high work demands,
inadequate staffing, poor work morale/low social support, work-life balance (manned 24 hrs a day, out of sync with family)


Hassan Rasouli case - who decides?

fam takes to court. SC. still going.


SC decision

Family wins = doctors do not have unilateral right to overrule - in this case circumvented "care + capacity boards" to to do their own thing.
- Hassan showed signs of responding inconsistently to stimuli - upgrade status to minimally conscious.
- prognosis uncertain


ambiguity of PVS - explain

PVS -> brain death.
systematically + meaningfully respond to stimuli. ambiguous + subjective

-> emotional, consequential decision. cost of care is high


the right to die - margot bentley

former nurse. diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
-Margot had living will: life support withdrawn when reaches advanced stage.
- entered nursing home + not let go at PVS state. difficult to know if responses are meaningful or arbitrary


Margot - family perspective

staff feed her despite wishes to cease + allow her to die.
- feeding is reflex, margot isnt there.
-right to die respected


Margot - nursing home perspective

food isnt treatment. patient accept food confirms by their actions that they want to eat.
- concern that if fail to provide = negligence. legally responsible/liable.


similarity btw Margot + Hassan cases

ambiguity over PVS (interpretation - random or intentional. tech measure, not meaningful)
who gets to decide?


Bill C-14

prohibition against physician-assisted dying violated rights of competent adults who are suffering intolerably as result of grievous and irremediable medical condition; infringement of the rights of an individual and not justified

= right to decide what happens to them as they approach death
=tech can prolong life + suffering. who can say what happens? doc or patient? doc wants power, patient wants choise


conditions under which physician-assisted death is permitted

- suffering grievous and irremediable medical condition + death must be "reasonably foreseeable" (ambiguous)
- mentally competent and capable of making decisions at moment service is provide


how many physician-assisted in Canada?

4000 since law came into effect
1.1% of all deaths


why is PAD controversial?

restrictive - 1/6 requested get approved (need more efficiently + responsibly; consent on day of. know + understand consequence)
- under 18 not eligible (is 17yoa too young to understand death?)
- suffering with mental illness not eligible (treatment dont work, request PAD - claim turned down)


Adam Clayton-Meier

various mental disorders
- anxiety, OCD, various personality disorders = never cured. no longer wanted to live. rejected from PAD.
committed suicide in 2017


issues with mental disorder + PAD?

appropriate to allow ppl to get medical assistance when cant obtain medial assistance for treatment?
- belgium + netherlands permit mental illness + PAD