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Voas and Crockett

Offer two explanations for churchgoers being older; the ageing effect and the generational effect


What is the ageing effect?

As people get closer to death, they want answers to life's questions


What is the generational effect?

As society becomes more secular, each new generation is less religious than the one before because they are not socialised into faith


Miller and Hoffman

Offer three reasons for women's religiosity; structural locations, socialisation and risk


Expand on Miller and Hoffman's socialisation explanation

Passive, obedience and caring are qualities suited to religion and make women more likely to follow the rules and instructions given to them because strict rules being dictated to them suit their personalities


Explain Miller and Hoffman's structural locations

Women work part-time/be full time carers which gives them more time to go to Church and want to do the best caregiving job they can, which could involve introducing their child to religion


Explain Miller and Hoffman's risk explanation

Women are more adverse to risk and therefore take more precautions, including being part of a religious movement to be protected by God and go to a good afterlife



Women are often carers and think about the ultimate questions of life and death more because they are closer to these questions in their caregiver role



There are two key reasons ethnic minorities have higher rates of religion: cultural defence and cultural transition


How do ethnic minorities use the cultural defence outlined by Bruce?

Ethnic minorities use religion as a cultural defence to preserve their culture, identity and traditions


How do ethnic minorities use religion as a cultural transition?

Helps ease the transition into a new country because it provides a community with a shared belief system that will help with language or other practical problems with relocating, e.g. job opportunities


Which theorists from other units can be used to explain class differences?

Weber (theodicy of disprivilege), Norris and Inglehart (existential security theory), Marx (opium) and Lenin (spiritual gin)