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Due to media saturation traditional religion is giving way to a variety of religious forms and allows us instant access to remote religions (the electronic church) as they become disembedded. Also says that postmodernity has been a period of re-enchantment, where we have lost faith in metanarratives (traditional religions) and turned to unconventional beliefs and spirituality



Church attendance is now a personal choice rather than an obligation, resulting in believing without belonging, whereby individuals have religious belief but do not go to Church. Also notes that there has been an increase in vicarious religion. Also says religion is now a spiritual health service, as we turn to faith during times of stress and tragedy, such as the death of Princess Diana


Stark and Bainbridge

Propose a cycle of religious decline, revival and renewal where competition in the religious marketplace between different religions leads to improvements in the religious "goods". A religious monopoly on the other hand leads to religious decline


Norris and Inglehart

Different degrees of existential security in different societies is the cause of the global variation in religiosity because religion meets the need for security; in societies where people feel secure, religious demand is low, but in countries with less support religion is more frequent. Therefore, demand varies within and between societies based on security, and demand is highest among low income groups and societies



Consumerism has replaced traditional religion and people have become "spiritual shoppers", choosing the elements of religion to explore or join. There are two religious types as a result; pilgrims and converts. Religion no longer acts as the source of collective identity that it once did