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how does gender affect participation ?

boys and men are more likely to take part in sport. there is more discrimination towards girls and women than men in sport dis encouraging them to take part in sport


how does ethnicity affect participation ?

some people from an ethnic minority background as less likely to take part in sport. there are limited role models for people from minority backgrounds so they are less likely to want to take part in sport.


how does cultural and religious backgrounds affect participation in sport ?

food - some cultures have times where they fast meaning energy levels are low
dress codes - can make participation more difficult


how does age and factor affect participation ?

between the ages of 16-25 participation is at its highest. free time and disposable income can affect participation levels. but skill levels are increased as you get older. but older people are more likely to get injured.


how does friends family and peers affect participation ?

some families are in in favour of participation and some are not which affects participation levels. providing the amount of equipment for a certain sport can be a struggle. also providing transport for training and competitions etc. can be difficult. also some kids will have a lack of role models to look up to and want to participate like them.


how does disabilty affect participation ?

-limited teachers or coaches that are qualified
-limited about of clubs and facilities that fills their needs
-also some may depend on disability benefits so disposable income is low
-media and social media courage can sometimes be low


what is commercialisation ?

the managment or exploitation of a person, organisation or activity designed to make a profit


hows does broadcast media commercialise ?

- television - pay for sports channels
- radio - portable listen to when and where you want


how does social media commercialise ?

internet provides update to date coverage and news around the clock. providing a wide range of information all the time


how does print media commercialise ?

newspapers - daily and weekly dedicated sports pages
magazines - carry sports related story free and paid for


how does outdoor media commercialise ?

billboards at sporting events used to advertise products to a large number of people.


what is sponsorship ?

is an individual group, usually a company, which provides support to an individual, organisation, activity or event


3 forms of sponsorship ?

-financial in return for promotion
-clothing /equipment with brand logo
-facilities that are usually named after company


what is hawkeye ?

a computer system that uses several cameras to track flight and landing of things like balls


what is performance analysis aids ?

wearable technology that monitors fitness or records a performers movement. data is then collected and a full analysis of performers performance is carried out


what is television match officials ?

'video referees' - used to review decisions made by on field match officials.


what is sports etiquette ?

convention or unwritten rule in an activity


what is sportsmanship ?

conforming to the rules, spirit and etiquette of the sport


what is gamesmanship ?

attempting to gain an advantage by stretching the rules to their limits


what is contract to compete ?

an unwritten agreement between opponents to follow and abide by the written and unwritten rules of the sport


what are stimulants

drugs that increase mental and physical alertness


what are narcotic analgesics

reduce feeling of pain


what are anabolic agents

promote muscle and bone growth


peptide hormones

increase red blood count


diuretic drugs

increase rate of urination


what is blood doping

removing blood freezing it and then re injecting it


what is beta blockers

reduces effects of adrenaline


pros and cons of stimulants

+ maintain focus
- increased risk of strokes, high blood pressure and headaches


pros and cons of narcotic agents

+they can train harder than other
- can lead to further injury


pros and cons of anabolic agents

+ train harder and more frequently
- higher risk of injury


pros and cons of peptide hormones

+ improves aerobic ability
- higher risks of stokes and heart attack


pros and cons of blood doping

+ higher amount of oxygen carrying capacity
- higher risks of stroke


pros and cons of beta blockers

+ steadys nerves
- tiredness and weakness


cons of direct and indirect aggression

aggression can get out of hand and rules are broken


pros of direct and indirect aggression

can distract players and increase scores and points


advantage of performance enhancing drugs ?

-performance improves more chance of success
-success can bring fame and fortune
-advantage over other athletes


disadvantages of performance enhancing drugs ?

-health can be put at risk
-if caught negative media attention, ending career
-athletes can be stripped of all medals/titles and could be banned from sport
-reputation can be damaged and lose sponsorship deals


positives of spectators

-positive atmosphere can be created
-brings money into sports/clubs
-provide home field advantages
-increasing profile of the sport


negatives of spectators

-increases negative pressure
-can intimidate other fans
-crowd trouble
-crowd security costs money


what is a hooligan ?

a tough , aggressive or violent, troublemaker typically belongs to a gang that goes to make trouble


7 ways to prevent hooliganism ?

-earlier kick offs
-improved security
-educating spectators
-all seater stadiums
-travel restrictions and banning orders
-seregation of fans
-alcohol restrictions


6 things that causes hooliganism ?

-rivalries between teams
-media hype
-drugs and alcohol
-links between supporters and gang culture
-supporters frustration
-display of masculinity to impress others