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What is Compliance?

When an individual accepts influence because they hope to achieve a favourable reaction from those around them. (gain approval / avoid disapproval)





What is Identification?

When an individual adopts an attitude because they want to be associated with a particular person / group.


What is Informational Social Influence (ISI)?

A form of influence which is the result of a desire to be right - looking to others as a way of gaining evidence about reality.


What is Internalisation?

When an individual accepts influence because the behaviour is consistent with their own value system.


What is Normative Social Influence (NSI)?

A form of influence whereby an individual conforms with the expectations of the majority in order to gain approval / avoid disapproval.


What are the 3 Variables Affecting Conformity?

Group Size: less conformity with smaller groups (extent)
The unanimity of the majority: less unanimity of confederates led to less conformity
The difficulty of the task: harder questions led to more conformity (individual differences caused responses to differ)


What is Asch's key study on variables affecting conformity?

Asch (1956):
- Student volunteers
- Visual discrimination task.
- All but 1 confederates.
Aim --> To see how the lone 'real' participant would react to the behaviour of the confederates.
Procedure --> male US undergrads. Asked to look at 3 lines of different lengths & took turns to say which was same as 'standard line'. Real participant always 2nd to last (pressure of majority).
Findings --> average conformity: 33%, control condition to confirm ambiguity. Individual differences. Interview afterwards: continued to privately trust own beliefs but changed public behaviour to avoid disapproval from others.