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According to the CO Detector Activation SOG, what are the 9 sources of Carbon Monoxide?

1) car running in attached garage
2) operating bbq in an enclosed area - garage
3) gas or wood burning fireplace
4) blocked chimney
5) portable heater
6) improperly installed kitchen range or cook-top vent
7) corroded or disconnected water heater vent pipe
8) cracked heat exchanger in furnace
9) leading chimney pipe or flue


According to the Natural Gas Emergencies SOG, what are the 17 steps in the procedure for dealing with Natural Gas Emergencies?

1) if possible apparatus should be parked upwind
2) confirm its a natural gas leak
3) ensure gas company has been notified (Enbridge)
4) use appropriate PPE
5) isolate/evacuate/protect in place anyone in immediate danger
6) eliminate open sources of ignition including not allowing use of on-off switches, appliances, lights, phones or any other type of elec equip
7) consider outside shut off valve (be aware of commercial buildings)
8) ensure escaping gas does not enter any other buildings, sewers or vaults
9) consider HAZMAT and Police response and/or additional trucks
10) use a gas detector, with combustible gas sensor to determine concentrations of Nat Gas
11) ventilate naturally or with safe equipment. Do not pressurize are area suspected of being contaminated
12) do not re-open closed shut offs without authorization
13) work in coordination with gas company
14) do not extinguish, exposure protection may be better tactic
15) avoid entering excavations to control leak
16) avoid attempting to stop a leak on a plastic pipe
17) do not spray water on Nat gas pipe