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Somatic Symptom Disorder. What type of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors define the disorder, in addition to the somatic symptoms?



Somatic Symptoms Disorder. How many number of somatic symptoms are required for diagnosis?

There are NO specific number of somatic symptoms required for diagnosis


Somatic Symptom Disorder. What is the most common symptom in this disorder? The patient perceive body pain is what?

Body Pain. Patients will perceive symptoms as threatening, harmful, troublesome and often think the worst about their health.


Somatic Symptom Disorder. Distressing somatic symptoms plus what type of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors must be present?

Abnormal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors must be present.


Somatic Symptom Disorder. How long do the symptoms usually persist for, in relation to a diagnosis.

Symptoms are typically more than 6 months.


What disorder is characterized by individuals with somatic pain plus abnormal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors which may or may not have a diagnosed medical condition?

Somatic Symptom Disorder


What disorder is characterized by having high health anxiety without somatic symptoms?

Illness Anxiety Disorder


Illness Anxiety Disorder. How long do the symptoms have to last to make a diagnosis?

6 months


Illness Anxiety Disorder. Does the fear of the patient change over time?

Yes, the fear may change over the period of time (6 months or more)


Illness Anxiety Disorder. Does a thorough evaluate identify a serious medical condition that accounts for individual's concerns?

No, a medical condition is not found or observed


Psychological Factors Affecting Other Medical Conditions is a disorder where a medical symptom or condition is worsened by what two factors?

Psychological or behavioral factors


What disorder is involved with falsification of physical or psychological symptoms with conscious intent? The patient does this in the absence of obvious external rewards.

Factitious Disorder