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all of the following are true of evolution except

-individs adapt their genes to improve survival


which is necessary for natural selection to proceed?

-all of the above ; variation within a population
a mach


natural selection causes?

- changes in allele frequencies within a population


all of the following are true of natural selection except

- it works best in genetically uniform populations


natural selection that favors survival of extreme phenotypes of a population is called

- diversifying selection


which of the following is more fit?

- a 500 year old bristlecone pine tree hat produced 100 offspring every yr


when extreme phenotypes are selected against and disappear, which pattern of natural selection is at work

-stabilizing selection


allele frequency of a population can change by

-all of the above
natural selection
genetic drift
mutations in the gene pool
founder effect


the biological species concept defines a species as

-member of population that interbreed and produce fertile offspring


frog species mate different times of the year. this is an example of which type of reproductive isolation

-temporal isolation


-reproductive isolation based on location or geography is referred to as

-ecological isolation


pollen from a tomato plant lands on a grape fruit flower. the pollen fails to grow a pollen tube this is an example of ?

- gametic isolation


which of the following can influence the evolution of a species

-all of the above
natural selection
genetic flow
genetic drift


which of the following best points to a close evolutionary relationship between two different species?

-both species have very similar dna


the proportion of alleles present in a gene pool is called the ______ and is an important tool in measuring evolutionary changes

-allele frequency


in a population of 100 mice, if the recessive gene allele frequency is .25 how many copies of the recessive allele are found in the population



which of the following does not influence allele frequencies in a population

all of the above influence allele frequencies in a populations-


inbreeding can lead to a decrease in genetic diversity and _______

inbreeding depression-


which of the following is not an example of adaptive evolution?

founder effect
gene flow
bottle neck


you examine a population and note that its allele frequency for a particular where B represents the dom allele and b represents the rec allele, you find that the allele frequencies for this gene are p=.3 and q=.7 if this pop is not evolving what would be the frequency of the heterozygous genotype



which of the following situations would represent a situation that reduces that effect of genetic drift

-the population is very large


if you examine the gene pool of a pop that is evolving due to genetic drift what do you predict will occur

- there is no way to tell how p or q will change


which of the following condition can lead to two populations booming different species

-all of the above. individuals in the two populations mate at diff times, ****finish


which of the following statements is FALSE

- the 13 diff species of fincehs flew tp the gallop island and separated themselve in response to diff food enviro


all of darwins finches came from a single species with a normal break which of the following factors can explain the development of the variety of beaks in these finches today

-**********fininsh ab and c


which of the following statements regarding the dating of fossils is false

fossils can be daed using a microscope -


which of the following scenarios would be least likely to result in a fossil

-a jellyfish that dies and slowly floats to the bottom the ocean


which of the following changes in the evolutionary history of horses is documented by the fossil record

-a graduals decrease in the number of toes


which of these characteristics would be expected to apply to a traditional fossil

- it should have some similarities to species that live before and after it


which of the following sequences places tiktaalik in the correct evolutionary order?

lobe finned fish tiktaalik tertapods-