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BCTS main goal **

Provide credible price and cost benchmark data for the market pricing system through auctions of timber harvested from public land.


BCTS objectives **

1. Sell full apportionment over the business cycle, consistent with safe practices and SFM

2. Generate direct net revenue and indirect revenue for the province over the business cycle.

3. Continuous business improvement


Which Act dictates that that timber and residue harvested from BC must be used in BC or manufactured into wood products?

Forest Act Sec 127.1


For what reasons might an exemption be obtained to export raw timber or residue? **

1. timber or wood residue is surplus to manufacturing facilities in BC

2. Timber or wood residue that cannot be processed economically in the area where it is cut, or cannot be transported economically to another area in BC.

3. Timber would be wasted if not exported


Once exempted from manufacture in BC, can timber simply be exported?

No, a federal export permit is required prior to the timber being transported from Canada.


Does indian reserve timber require an exemption to be exported? *

No, modern first nations treaties allow for freedom to transport all timber from treaty lands.

Niga'a treaty is an exception as it requires adherence to the forest act.


What are the 2 types of agreements enabled by the range and land acts authorize the use of crown range for livestock forage? ***

Licenses for grazing or haycutting are awarded after opportunities are advertised (15-25 yr replaceable terms).

Permits for grazing are awarded in the same way (10 year term)