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Standard Take-off Minima



The take-off minima for a qualifying multi-engine airplane are:

a. a ceiling of zero feet; and

b. visibility of:

1. 550m – but only if:

– the runway is an instrument runway with centreline lighting or centreline markings; and

– if the airport is a non-controlled airport, or a controlled airport without ATC in opera-tion – the take-off must be conducted by day only, and the airport must be one at which carriage of radio is mandatory;

Otherwise --> 800m.l


It is a condition of the use of the take-off minima that the PIC must ensure that:


a. if a return to land decision is possible after an engine failure – conditions must be at or above instrument approach and landing minima or sufficient for a visual approach;

the PIC must ensure that,

b. if engine failure occurs at any time after V1, lift-off, or in non-visual conditions – terrain clearance is assured until reaching either enroute LSALT or departure airport MSA;

the PIC must ensure that,

c. if a return to the departure airport is not possible – the airplane's performance and fuel must be sufficient to proceed to a suitable airport, having regard to terrain, obstacles and route distance limitations.