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Definition of tech development

Can be described as new applications of scientific knowledge which aims to optimise the operations of the business to gain a competitive advantage


Automated production lines definition

Is where a series of workstations are linked by an electronic control system. Each system performs a specific task which happens automatically


Hard automation

Uses machines or robots built for a specific purpose, best for mass production with very little variations
Advantage: reduces cost per output produced
Disadvantage: high initial costs with little variations


Soft automation

Uses machines and robotics which are reprogrammable and configurable. Highly flexible and a large variety
Advantage : flexible allowing for batch production
Disadvantage: high initial costs slower production rate


Computer aided design definition

Is a software system which allows a product to be tested and designed on a computer before it is put into production


Advantages cad

Reduces time to put product into production
Allows for greater creativity in design as concepts can be tested through simulations
Quicker design process
Often 3D and more accurate
Can be linked with cam


Disadvantages of cam

Expensive to purchase
Staff need to be trained to use and can slow process whilst this occurs
Harder for small businesses to purchase and use


computer aided manufacture definition

the use of software to control the manufacturing process. aim is to create faster and more efficient production process.


advantages and disadvantages of cam

- more precise leading to less wasteage and improved productivity
- consistent leading to a better customer experience
- high initial costs to purchase equipment
- time consuming to program software that operates the machines


web development

developing an online presence through the use of websites
advantages: no longer depend on local customers and can sell worldwide
- dropshipping has allowed orders to be made and business informs manufacturers and orders to be sent to customers straight from manufacturers allowing efficiency
- lower start up costs and running costs
- allows the business to increase sales and improve their operations system


customer relationship management definition

technologies a business uses to manage and analyse a businesses customer interactions. the aim is to gather data on customers and their purchases in order to learn about their needs and wants. keeps information like contact details and purchasing history in order to build a relationship between the customer and the business.


advantages and disadvantages crm

- returning customers
- cheaper to advertise to existing customers than new ones
- privacy issues/ csr issues


video conferencing

is telecommunications tech that allows two way audio and video transmissions. this enables many service businesses to communicate with employees, clients or suppliers in different locations


cloud computing

where remote services are hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data. This can help improve productivity and help to reduce costs of hosting own servers. Allows data, contacts, calendars etc to be accessed anywhere with internet access. Improves efficiency, reduces costs, improves mobility and allows for collaboration


social media

twitter instagram and facebook have allowed businesses to improve their access to customers. Can stay in contact and interact. Can improve service delivered as businesses can send a message if there are issues rand customers can express concerns and have questions answered