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performance management definition

performance management is the process used to evaluate and improve individual and business performance, individual goals should be aligned with business objectives and then performance is continually evaluated against these objectives.


managemement by objectives definition

an approach where the manager and the employee will develop a goal at the start of the review period collaboratively with feedback given on progress of the goal


MBO 4 key elements

goal specificity
participative decision making
clearly set time period


characteristics MBO

goals should relate to what employees job or task is
increase the relationship between manager and employee and keep employee on track, it increases likeliness goal will be achieved
allows management to align goals of individual to business and analyse employees performance in achieving these goals


performance appraisal defintion

measures the employees performance, provides feedback and develops new objectives for the employee. Goals should align with the medium and long term goals of the business


Performance appraisal characteristics

- can provide feedback on performance
- set new goals for employee
- determine promotion, demotion or even termination and determine training needs for employee
- issues if not conducted objectively and unbiased otherwise itll cause conflicts and resentment from employees therefore making the process detrimental to the business


self evaluation definition

is the employees self assessment of both performance related to their predetermined objectives and contribution to their business team or unit


characteristics of self evaluation

- often done prior to appraisal to provoke two way discussion about simm or diff in employee and manager evaluation
- can lead to training and development, remuneration and promotion, sanction and support or even termination
- assessment can be subjective eg mark too high or low in efforts not to appear conceited or weak
- helps employer see how employee sees strengths and weaknesses
- ongoing doc is important


employee observation definition

is where colleagues and peers give a review on the individuals performance. It is important to be performed at different stages rather than one off.


employee observation characteristics

beneficial to allow employers to get a more overall perspective of the employees strengths and weaknesses
- gathering of info in more than one way eg 360 degree feedback
- can help to overcome biases, tension or clash of personality between employee and management