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Key features

Decision making tool for businesses
Process of identifying and analysing forces that will drive and forces that will resist a change
Effective for the management of change
Gives a clear perspective of what the business is up agains and decide if the change is worth pursuing
If the restraining forces are too strong the business will find it difficult to implement successful


How it works

Manager writes down the driving forces and gives these a value
Writes down the restraining forces and gives these a value
- driving and restraining forces pull against eachother and whichever is more powerful will determine if the change will be successful



Manager dale to identify and analyse forces for and against a particular change
Can determine if Chagas is worthwhile pursuing
Allows manager to develop ways of reducing restraining forces eg training to overcome employee resistance
Allows actions timelines and plans to e developed
Identifies stakeholders that will likely e supportive of change and those that will not
Revised the business with an objective view of the change before it is implemented
Non biased or preinfluenced opinions or decisions made