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Key features

-the learning organisation is one that facilitates the learning of its people and continuously transforms itself
- learning organisations excel during times of change as they are more adaptive and flexible
- there are five key disciplines: personal mastery, systems thinking, mental models, building a shared vision and team learning
- all five need to be present in order to be a learning organisation
- the disciplines work as a system and not necessarily in isolation
- businesses need to develop an environment where employees are encouraged to learn and grow together which enables the business to grow and learn


Systems thinking

Is the cornerstone of the learning organisation. It assessed the business as a whole rather than individual parts
- one area of the business will impact on another managers need to understand these interrelationships
- each of the four disciplines need to be in place for a business to be a learning organisation as they work together


Personal mastery

Where individuals are committed to developing themselves. Individuals create a vision for themselves and are committed to following their passions
- senge believe those that have a high level of personal mastery are more committed, take more initiative and have a deeper responsibility in their work
- businesses need to build an environment where learning is for everyone and the individuals are encouraged to challenge status quo


Mental models

Are the ingrained assumptions, generalisations and beliefs that people have that affect how people view the world and therefore how they act
- in order to grow and learn as a business it is important that the mental models of the people working the business are understood and challenged so they can ‘see outside the box’ and challenge the way they do things


Team learning

Where individuals come together as a team to learn and grow together. Teams that are aligned will move in one direction
- although individuals will have different skills and knowledge the team will be able to work well and learn together


Shared vision

This is where the people within the business work together towards a common goal that they believe in
- shared vision provides a focus for the people within the business on where they are headed
- creates commitment rather than compliance