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includes assurance and control. it is a commitment to excellence in every aspect of the organisation which aims for zero defects. the four elements are continuous improvement, customer focus, employee participation and teamwork and quality circles


continuous improvement

small incremental improvements to continuously improve process. expects all employees to improve, could be on own/ team or whole business performance. benchmarking against competitiors, budget, best practice in particular process etc


customer focus

quality is based on the expectations of internal and external customers. external customers are those who purchase the businesses good or service
internal customers are where work passes onto the next stage of the process and should look to improve the next stage. it should never make the work of the internal customer more difficult


employee participation

all employees participate not just an inspection team. participation in decision making encourages all employees to be responsible for quality. the aim is for each employee to eliminate errors by doing it right the first time. employees should look to continually make improvements to the process that benefit the other employees or final customers


team work and quality circles

team work is encouraged at all levels of the business. teams are expected to achieve better results than individuals. quality circles is often used to increase participation in teams. usually 4-10 people who meet regularly to discuss production and quality improvements and solutions



- all workers and management take ownership and responsibility for quality
- every aspect of business is continually assessed
- proactive approach which aims for zero defects which reduces waste and cost



- difficult to allocate responsibility for errors
- relies on all staff being motivated and highly skilled in their role and in team work, problem solving, statistical analysis and communication