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responsible for managing the relationship between employees and the business
- represent employer in regards to workplace issues
- may act as bridge between employee and management
- represent the employer in negotiations for wages and conditions
- ensure agreements are negotiated in good faith and all legal requirements are adhered to
- arrange the employee vote on proposed arrangement
- arrange for eba to be approved by fwc
- implement awards and eba at workplace
- participate in resolution of workplace disputes
- liase with employer associations, unions and the fair work commission on behalf of management



to work towards the achievement of business objectives by carrying out their duties in a professional manner that does not put the business or other employees at risk
- participate in negotiation of workplace agreements directly or indirectly through representatives by raising issues they wish to see included or excluded
- vote on proposed agreements
- may be involved in industrial action if requirements


trade unions

- offer advice, support and representation to member employees in relation to workplace issues
- often represent employees during the negotiation of eba or during dispute
- members elect shop steward to represent them and offer advice and support regularly, shop steward is then supported by trade union
- on a larger scale unions will represent workers by putting submissions to the fwc in relation to issues such as minimum wage hearings, award reviews and changes to penalty rates etc


employer associations

organisations which represent the employers in relation to workplace relations issues
- associations will offer advice and assistance and support and representation to member businesses
- may assist employers by representing them during neg of new agreement or in settling a workplace dispute
- on a larger scale employer associations will put submissions to the FWC in relation to employers interests such as minimum wage hearings, award reviews, changes to penalty rates in industries etc


Fair work commision

independent workplace relations tribunal responsible for implementing the fair work act of 2009
- sets and reviews awards for wages and conditions every 4 years
- sets minimum wage rate annually
- approves collective enterprise bargaining
- approves protected industrial action during negotiations of enterprise agreements where negotiations have broken down
- hears unfair dismissal cases
- hears disputes between employers and employees in relation to workplace relations issues where they have not been settles by other means