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Question No : 121 -
An administrator would like to determine what port and services are running locally on a server. Which of the following Windows command lines and shell tools should the administrator use? (Select THREE).
• A. get-services
• B. show ports
• C. sc query
• D. netstat
• E. vmstat
• F. show services

A. get-services
C. sc query
D. netstat


Question No : 122 -
A technician is called upon to add storage to a database server. The database administrator needs the maximum performance for accessing many small files. Which of the following specifications should the technician focus on when selecting the drive to add
to the server?
• A. Form factor
• B. Capacity
• C. Bus bandwidth
• D. Seek time

D. Seek time


Question No : 123 -
A user changed departments from sales to accounting. The user is unable to access the shared network drive containing the accounting department's files. Which of the following should a technician check?
• A. File permissions
• B. Folder redirections
• C. Local group policy
• D. Encryption type

A. File permissions


Question No : 124 -
A server with a number of graphics cards installed was recently upgraded with additional graphics cards. Once the server is started, the system powers off unexpectedly. Prior to the upgrade, the server was stable and exhibited no odd behavior. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?
• A. The card device drivers are out of date and need to be updated.
• B. The power supply cannot handle the additional power for the new cards.
• C. The operating system does not recognize the new cards.
• D. The cards are not compatible with the other server hardware.

B. The power supply cannot handle the additional power for the new cards.


Question No : 125 -
Server A hosts a mission-critical business application. The server has one disk and one NIC. The administrator has been asked to implement a solution to meet the
business requirement that the application must maintain high availability, even in case of a hardware failure. Which of the following BEST meets this requirement?
• A. Configure failover clustering using Server A and a new server.
• B. Add multiple disks on the server and configure RAID 5.
• C. Add an additional NIC and configure the NIC as standby.
• D. Move the application to another server that has more resources.

A. Configure failover clustering using Server A and a new server.


Question No : 126 -
A server technician is updating the operating system on a server. Currently, the server is running the following services:
The updated server will be used to allow clients to access Web services, resolve host names to IP addresses for mobile iOS clients, and provide network access to thin clients running a Linux operating system. Which of the following services can be removed?
• C. DNS



Question No : 127 -
Which of the following server types translates FQDNs to IP addresses?
• C. DNS
• D. FTP



Question No : 128 -
Which of the following graphically depicts the movement of information within a system?
• A. Site survey diagram
• B. Dataflow diagram
• C. Architectural diagram
• D. Network diagram

B. Dataflow diagram


Question No : 129 -
Which of the following power plug types would MOST likely be found in a medical facility?
• A. Tip/Ring/Sleeve
• B. Speed lock
• C. Tip/Ring
• D. Twist lock

D. Twist lock


Question No : 130 -
Which of the following replication methods is MOST appropriate when integrating data from multiple remote offices?
• A. Server to client
• B. Server to server
• C. Site to site
• D. Disk to disk

 Site to site


Question No : 131 -
Multiple users report that an application attempting to open a file retrieved from a server reports that the file is corrupted. Which of the following applications can be used on the server to verify file integrity?
• A. Checksum
• B. Port scanner
• C. Cipher
• D. Anti-malware

A. Checksum


Question No : 132 -
A technician is concerned about memory data corruption in a server. Which of the following
memory types should be considered?
• A. Static
• C. Dynamic
• D. ECC



Question No : 133 -
After a migration to a new server, users report that they are unable to save files to their home directories. A check of the permissions on the home directories indicate that the permissions are set as follows:
User: r-x
Group: r--
Other: r-x
A server administrator verifies the correct user and group ownership of the home directories. Which of the following will MOST likely resolve the issue?
• A. Add the w permission for the users.
• B. Add the x permission for the group.
• C. Remove the x permission for other.
• D. Remove the r permission for the group.

A. Add the w permission for the users.


Question No : 134 -
A technician is tasked by an administrator to patch a virtual machine. The technician needs to ensure that in case of failure, recovery of the virtual machine will be possible. Which of the following recovery principles should the technician employ?
• A. Incremental
• B. Snapshot
• C. Bare metal
• D. Selective

B. Snapshot


Question No : 135 -
Which of the following involves finding and correcting the MOST important reason for performance issues?
• A. Root cause analysis
• B. Replicating the problem
• C. Defining preventative action
• D. Theory of probable cause

A. Root cause analysis


Question No : 136 -
In order for a server to fully function as a web server, which of the following default ports should be open? (Select TWO).
• A. 22
• B. 80
• C. 443
• D. 445
• E. 631
• F. 8080

B. 80
C. 443


Question No : 137 -
Which of the following protocols can be used to query for host, user, and group information for clients?
• B. DNS
• E. SCP



Question No : 138 -
A technician troubleshooting a mail server determines that the server is low on available hard drive space and needs an additional hard drive installed. The server will need to be offline for the hardware installation. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the
technician do NEXT?
• A. Notify impacted users of the scheduled maintenance.
• B. Implement one change at a time.
• C. Collect additional information.
• D. Document findings, actions, and outcomes.

A. Notify impacted users of the scheduled maintenance.


Question No : 139 -
Which of the following is the core software application that manages computer
• A. Hypervisor
• B. Hyperthreading
• C. Console
• D. KVM

A. Hypervisor


Question No : 140 -
Which of the following server types requires the LARGEST amount of available hard drive space?
• A. Database server
• B. Remote access server
• C. Print server
• D. Directory server

A. Database server