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Question No : 21 -
A network administrator is tasked to block all outbound SSH connections on the default port from a network subnet of on a Linux based firewall. Which of the
following rule sets would accomplish this task?
• A. iptables -i OUTPUT -d -p TCP --dport 22 -j REJECT
• B. iptables -i OUTPUT -d -p TCP --dport 23 -j REJECT
• C. iptables -i OUTPUT -d -p TCP --dport 22 -j ACCEPT
• D. iptables -i OUTPUT -d -p TCP --dport 23 -j ACCEPT

A. iptables -i OUTPUT -d -p TCP --dport 22 -j REJECT


Question No : 22 -
Which of the following is the purpose of an NTP server?
• A. For hosting instant messaging applications
• B. For synchronizing clocks on network devices
• C. For file sharing and collaboration
• D. For hosting newsgroups

B. For synchronizing clocks on network devices


Question No : 23 -
A line-of-business software patch notification is received. The notification indicates that version 5.0 of the software has new features that the accounting department has been expecting. The update requires a new version of the OS and new version of SQL on the
server. Which of the following should the administrator perform FIRST?
• A. Schedule downtime to update the OS and SQL on the server.
• B. Download and test the new version.
• C. Develop a plan to build a test server.
• D. Request feedback from the accounting department.

C. Develop a plan to build a test server.


Question No : 24 -
An organization has agreed on the software that will be used to virtualize the company's web servers. Which of the following should the administrator reference prior to purchasing physical servers to be deployed as hosts in the new virtual architecture?
• A. The vendor's software compatibility list
• B. The vendor's service level agreement
• C. The vendor's hardware compatibility list
• D. The vendor's end user licensing agreement

C. The vendor's hardware compatibility list


Question No : 25 -
A system administrator is tasked to setup a database server with failover clustering feature enabled. One of the requirements is to have one database running at all times with data being synchronized and replicated to the idle database in case the primary database server
fails. Both servers will be monitored by a witness on a LUN. Which of the following cluster techniques should be implemented to meet these requirements?
• A. Active/Active
• B. Active/Passive
• C. Single Local Quorum
• D. Passive/Passive
• E. Shared Multiple Quorum

B. Active/Passive


Question No : 26 -
A user is unable to save a new presentation to the network U:\ drive. The error message indicates that there is no available space. Other users in the Department Are not experiencing any problems saving to the U:\ drive. Which of the following is the MOST
likely cause of this issue?
• A. The user does not have permissions to use the U:\ drive.
• B. The user's disk quota has been exceeded on the U:\drive.
• C. The user's local drive is out of space.
• D. The user does not have the U:\ drive mapped.

B. The user's disk quota has been exceeded on the U:\drive.


Question No : 27 -
A system technician is tasked with destroying several hard drives that contain PII. Which of the following would be the BEST method for disposing of the drives?
• A. Shred the hard drives.
• B. Complete a hard wipe.
• C. Perform a soft wipe.
• D. Delete the partition table.

A. Shred the hard drives.


Question No : 28 -
A server technician needs to access a remote Unix server for administration. The technician has requested that ports 23, 25, and 161 be opened on the router. After the ports are opened, the technician is still unable to connect to the Unix server. Which of the following ports should be opened on the server to allow for remote administration?
• A. TCP 21
• B. TCP 22
• C. UDP 69
• D. TCP 3389

B. TCP 22


Question No : 29 -
Which of the following server types is commonly used for authentication and credential storage?
• A. File server
• B. Directory server
• C. Web server
• D. DNS server

B. Directory server


Question No : 30 -
Which of the following protocols is considered stateless and utilizes TCP when communicating between a server and client?
• D. SSH



Question No : 31 -
Which of the following services provide hostname to IP address resolution? (Select TWO).
• A. NTP
• D. DNS



Question No : 32 -
A server administrator wants to isolate a SAN hosted LUN to be visible to only a single host. Which of the following methodologies would be used to present the LUN to only that
• A. LUN masking
• B. LUN ID assignment
• C. Port mapping
• D. Port zoning

A. LUN masking


Question No : 33 -
An administrator is updating the server infrastructure at a company's disaster recovery site. Currently, an enormous amount of effort is required by the administrator to replicate operations. Which of the following types of site is the administrator currently using?
• A. Cold site
• B. Hot site
• C. Warm site
• D. Replication site

A. Cold site


Question No : 34 -
Which of the following default ports should be open on a server for remote administration?
• A. TCP 25
• B. TCP 389
• C. TCP 3128
• D. TCP 3389

D. TCP 3389


Question No : 35 -
Two new applications have been added to a working server. The server response is now very slow. An appropriate plan of action is to:
• A. uninstall each server application and reinstall the two new applications.
• B. install another application to see if this improves the server response time.
• C. install antivirus and malware software.
• D. uninstall the newly installed applications one at a time.

D. uninstall the newly installed applications one at a time.


Question No : 36 -
Two servers are to be configured for high availability in a cluster. Both servers will be running applications at the same time. This feature is know as:
• A. round robin.
• B. heartbeat.
• C. active/active.
• D. active/passive.

C. active/active.


Question No : 37 -
In a PKI, which of the following represents the top level of a certificate authority?
• A. Root CA
• B. Intermediate CA
• C. Subordinate CA
• D. Delegated CA

A. Root CA


Question No : 38 -
An emergency power off accidentally occurs in a datacenter during a fire alarm test. On recovery, the server administrator notices that an external storage array is performing consistency checks on all the Volumes configured in the array. Which of the following
components of the storage array has MOST likely failed or faulted?
• A. Redundant controller
• B. Cold spare drive
• C. Battery backed cache
• D. Cache memory modules

C. Battery backed cache


Question No : 39 -
A technician is tasked with building a test server. Which of the following hard drive types
will provide the highest performance?
• B. SAS
• D. iSCSI



Question No : 40 -
An administrator needs to create two websites. One website must only be used by internal
users and the other website must be a corporate website accessible externally by
customers. Which of the following website types is needed?
• A. Extranet for users and intranet for customers
• B. Internet for users and extranet for customers
• C. Intranet for users and extranet for customers
• D. Extranet for users and extranet for customers

C. Intranet for users and extranet for customers