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Question No : 1 - A technician receives an error message when trying to boot the server stating the operating system was not found. Change management logs indicate a new hard drive backplane was installed in the server last night. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST
when troubleshooting the issue?
• A. Check system board cables
• B. Rebuild RAID array
• C. Reinstall server OS
• D. Remove newly installed hardware

A. Check system board cables


Question No : 2 - Two RAID arrays are created from eight disks. One is created using RAID 6, the other is
created using RAID 5 with a hot spare. Which of the following is the operational difference between these configurations?
• A. RAID 6 has the ability to recover from two disks simultaneously failing.
• B. The RAID 5 array will be significantly faster than the RAID 6 array.
• C. The RAID 6 array will be significantly faster than the RAID 5 array.
• D. RAID 6 has a higher storage capacity than RAID 5.

A. RAID 6 has the ability to recover from two disks simultaneously failing.


Question No : 3 - A new file server is added to an existing network. Some users are able to connect to this
server, while others are not. A partial network configuration on the server shows the following:
Link local: fe80::3000:aff:dea6:f8c/64. Which of the following BEST explains why some users cannot connect to the server?
• A. The users' workstations are configured to use DHCP.
• B. The users' workstations do not support IPv6.
• C. The users' workstations are not on the same network as the server.
• D. The user's workstations are configured with an incorrect subnet mask.

B. The users' workstations do not support IPv6.


Question No : 4 - A server has a faulty hard drive, and the administrator needs to replace the hard drive while
it is running. The server needs to support which of the following drives?
• A. Hot swappable
• B. Hot spare
• C. SAS
• D. USB
• E. Firewire

A. Hot swappable


Question No : 5 - A technician has connected a previously formatted ext4 eSATA drive to a Linux server. Given the following output:
Disk /dev/sdb: 1000.2 GB, 1000204886016 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 382818 cylinders, total 1953525168 sectors
Units = sectors of 1 * 512 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
Disk identifier: 0x0009f31a
Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
/dev/sdb1 * 20481 953525168 976761560 83 Linux
Which of the following commands should the technician use to make the partition available
under /data/drive0?
• A. fdformat -type Linux /dev/sdbl -d /data/drive0
• B. ext2 0x0009f31a /data/drive0
• C. net use /data/drive0 /dev/sdb
• D. mount /dev/sdbl /data/drive0
• E. fdisk -l /data/drive0

D. mount /dev/sdbl /data/drive0


Question No : 6 - Users on multiple network segments report that they are unable to retrieve email from a
server. Which of the following commands will allow a server technician to ensure that the email service is running on the server?
• A. ifconfig
• B. ipconfig
• C. nbtstat
• D. netstat

D. netstat


Question No : 7 - In an effort to reduce recovery time during hardware failures, a server administrator needs
to implement a backup method that will allow for complete OS and service/application recovery as long as compatible hardware is available. Which of the following backup types meets this requirement?
• A. Incremental
• B. Bare metal
• C. Snapshot
• D. Full

B. Bare metal


Question No : 8 - A technician is installing a 2U rack mount server. The necessary rack space height to
accommodate the server is:
• A. 2.5 inches (.064 meter).
• B. 3.0 inches (.076 meter).
• C. 3.5 inches (.089 meter).
• D. 4.0 inches (.10 meter).

• C. 3.5 inches (.089 meter).


Question No : 9 - Which of the following is the MOST complex way to directly reduce heat for computing
• A. Liquid cooling units
• B. Integrated high RPM fans
• C. Directed airflow with baffles
D. Hot aisle/cold aisle

A. Liquid cooling units


Question No : 10 - A company has 700 servers installed in 50 server racks in the datacenter. The Chief Technology Officer issued a memorandum to the IT department with a directive to reduce
power and cooling consumptions by 50% in the datacenters. Which of the following should
The system administrators recommend?
• A. Implement 208V 3-phase servers
• B. Implement hot aisle / cold aisle
• C. Virtualize the servers in the datacenter
D. Replace each server with a blade server

C. Virtualize the servers in the datacenter


Question No : 11 - A new version of the primary operating system used by a company has been released. Due to some significant changes in the OS, a system administrator wants to see which remotely
accessible services are enabled by default to assess the security risk prior to upgrading to the new version. Which of the following utilities should the administrator use?
• A. Cipher program
• B. Port scanner
• C. Telnet client
• D. Packet sniffer

B. Port scanner


Question No : 12 - A server administrator has been given the following information from the network team in order to configure IP addresses on a new server:
Network Address: The network team also instructed the server administrator to use the LAST usable address on the given network. Which of the following IP address/subnet mask combinations should the server administrator use?
• A.,
• B.,
• C.,
• D.,



Question No : 13
Which of the following is a benefit of using raised floors with specially configured tiles in a
server room?
• A. To provide for heat dissipation using forced air through the sub-floor.
• B. To provide for liquid cooling systems through the sub-floor.
• C. To provide a location for baffles or shrouds in the sub-floor.
• D. To provide a location for redundant power supplies in the sub-floor.

A. To provide for heat dissipation using forced air through the sub-floor.


Question No : 14
An administrator wishes to use KVM remotely to monitor and control a server farm. In order
to perform this function:
• A. remote control must be disabled on each server.
• B. the host must be reachable via the IP address.
• C. a serial cable must be available.
• D. a monitor must be attached to every server.

B. the host must be reachable via the IP address.


Question No : 15
A server administrator has been asked to make recommendations for purchase of a new
database server that will be processing all of the company accounts. One area of concern
from prior experience is the storage type used by the database server. The server is
expected to have a large number of transactions that occur, but will not require a large
amount of capacity for the data storage. Given these requirements, which of the following
storage criteria are MOST important? (Select TWO).
• A. Capacity
• B. RPM
• D. Seek time and latency
• E. Form factor
• F. Bus width

D. Seek time and latency


Question No : 16
A system administrator notices that a server is consistently getting slower and less
responsive the longer it has been since the last reboot. Once the server is rebooted, the
system performs at the expected baseline, but starts slowing down again until the system is
unresponsive. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this problem?
• A. OS performance misconfiguration
• B. Service/application memory leak
• C. Incorrect server resource specifications
• D. Corrupted application files

B. Service/application memory leak


Question No : 17
A datacenter technician encounters a power receptacle labeled NEMA L5-30. Which of the following powers is this socket rated for?
• A. 115 v 30 amp
• B. 208v 30 amp
• C. 220v 1 phase
• D. 440v 3 phase

A. 115 v 30 amp


Question No : 18
A technician has traveled to a company's alternate site to assess current operations of the
network infrastructure. Following the assessment, the technician has informed
management that everything is operational, with all applications and data mirrored. Which
of the following types of site does the company have?
• A. Warm site
• B. Cold site
• C. Hot site
• D. Standby site

C. Hot site


Question No : 19
In a Windows environment, a user is able to access the network folder and open items, but Is not able to delete anything. Which of the following folder permissions does the
User require?
• A. Execute
• B. Read
• C. Write
• D. Modify

D. Modify


Question No : 20
Clients cannot connect to the network. A technician determines that port 68 is not open. Which of the following protocols is being blocked?
• A. POP3
• B. DNS