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Question No : 141 -
A certain rack mounted blade server chassis needs 3-phase power for operation. There is currently only single-phase power coming into the room. The administrator needs to:
• A. call an electrician to wire the single-phase power into 3-phase power.
• B. use a single-phase UPS to power the 3-phase server.
• C. call an electrician to see if 3-phase power can be brought into the room.
• D. use an adapter to configure the server to use single-phase power.

C. call an electrician to see if 3-phase power can be brought into the room.


Question No : 142 -
A server administrator is researching the purchase of SSD for a server. The administrator receives a report from the datacenter technician detailing current storage requirements and future growth planning estimates as follows:
Server A: Current-15TB-Future-50% growth
Server B: Current-20TB-Future-80% growth
Based on this report, which of the following represents the MINIMUM storage requirements
• A. ServerA-18TB, ServerB-24TB
• B. ServerA-22TB, ServerB-22TB
• C. ServerA-23TB, ServerB-36TB
• D. ServerA-25TB, ServerB-40TB

C. ServerA-23TB, ServerB-36TB


Question No : 143 -
A user reports that a script \\Server\Share\Runme.bat, which is run on a daily basis, cannot be
accessed. Which of the following is the FIRST step to take in resolving this issue?
• A. Check the network cable.
• B. Ping the gateway.
• C. Verify the workstation IP address.
• D. Ping the server.

D. Ping the server.


Question No : 144 -
A technician performs monthly backups on a file server to a NAS device that can hold 1TB of data. The size of the monthly backups has been as follows:
Month 1 = 50GB
Month 2 = 65GB
Month 3 = 80GB
Starting with Month 1, based on the current rate of growth, in how many months will the
NAS run out of available storage space?
• A. 4
• B. 5
• C. 9
• D. 11

C. 9


Question No : 145 -
A technician is installing a server using a two-channel RAID controller, using RAID1 for the first channel and RAID5 for the second channel. If the technician has six 1 TB disks total,
how will this configuration look?
• A. One disk RAID1, five disks RAID5
• B. Two disks RAID1, four disks RAID5
• C. Three disks RAID1, three disks RAID5
• D. Four disks RAID1, two disks RAID5

B. Two disks RAID1, four disks RAID5


Question No : 146 -
An email administrator is tasked to setup a Linux mail server. One of the requirements is to close all ports except SSH,HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4.Which of the following commands should be used to see which ports are currently open on the mail server?
(Select TWO).
• A. lsof
• B. netstat
• C. ipconfig
• D. traceroute
• E. ping
• F. dig

A. lsof
B. netstat


Question No : 147 -
An administrator decides to implement access control techniques to secure a datacenter. Which of the following would be the STRONGEST technique for the administrator to use?
• A. Multifactor authentication
• B. RFID chip
• C. Cipher locks
• D. Bollards

A. Multifactor authentication


Question No : 148 -
Which of the following troubleshooting methods would be performed after resolving an issue?
• A. Verify system connectivity
• B. Implement the solution
• C. Document findings
• D. Establish theory

C. Document findings


Question No : 149 -
Which of the following is a requirement for a server to allow guests to be installed on a hypervisor host?
• A. Processors with multiple cores
• B. Processors with available cache
• C. Processors that support virtualization
• D. Processors that support hyperthreading

C. Processors that support virtualization


Question No : 150 -
A technician needs to install an operating system patch on a virtual server. Which of the following backup types should the technician perform prior to the patch installation that will allow the server to be restored the FASTEST?
• A. Snapshot
• B. Incremental
• C. Differential
• D. Full

A. Snapshot


Question No : 151 -
A network administrator installs a new web server and notices that the server was configured with one quad-port NIC. In order to properly provision the hardware resources, how should the NIC be configured?
• A. Assign at least one IP address to each port
• B. Assign multiple IP addresses to one port
• C. Assign one IP address to the quad-port NIC
• D. Assign a single IP address to all four ports

A. Assign at least one IP address to each port


Question No : 152 -
A user is unable to save an image file to their home directory on a server. The server technician checks the disk space and ACL on the user's home directory and finds that the user has enough space and required access to write to the directory. Which of the following
is the MOST likely reason why the user is unable to save the file?
• A. The user is attempting to save a file with a prohibited file extension.
• B. There are too many open files on the server.
• C. The user does not have permission to save files to the server.
• D. The hard drive containing the user's home directory, is failing.

A. The user is attempting to save a file with a prohibited file extension.


Question No : 153 -
An administrator needs to deploy 1000 servers in a short period of time. Which of the following deployment methods will expedite the OS installations?
• A. Use disk duplicating software.
• B. Use USB disk images to deploy servers.
• C. Use a disk replicator.
• D. Use PXE boot to retrieve an image.

D. Use PXE boot to retrieve an image.


Question No : 154 -
A datacenter audit finds that a number of personnel are not using access cards when entering a secured area with a coworker. Which of the following security methods could be implemented to help prevent this behavior?
• A. Mantrap
• B. Keypad
• C. Smart card
• D. Security camera

A. Mantrap


Question No : 155 -
A technician is asked to troubleshoot a server that constantly reboots. There are no error messages displayed on the server. Which of the following should the technician check?
• A. Cooling failure
• B. Cable mismatch
• C. BIOS driver failure
• D. Port conflict

A. Cooling failure


Question No : 156 -
An older server has performance problems writing files to a RAID array. After checking for failed drives, no problems are found. Which of the following should be checked NEXT?
• A. The cooling system
• B. The cache battery
• C. The hard drive tray
• D. The hard drive cables

B. The cache battery


Question No : 157 -
Which of the following protocols can be used to perform configuration management on a remote server using the MOST secure methods? (Select TWO).
• C. RDP
• D. SSH
• F. DNS



Question No : 158 -
A server technician is connecting a server to a switch in the server room. Both the server
and the switch are equipped with 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters. Which of the following
cable choices would produce the BEST throughput?
• A. CAT6 rollover cable
• B. CAT5e straight-through cable
• C. CAT6 straight-through cable
• D. CAT5e crossover cable

C. CAT6 straight-through cable


Question No : 159 -
Which of the following methods should a technician perform to properly clear a hard drive
before disposal?
• A. Delete the FAT
• B. Zero all block sectors
• C. Delete the partition
• D. Zero the NTFS journal

B. Zero all block sectors


Question No : 160 -
A hardware failure affects a server in a data center. The server is critical to company operation, and the hardware vendor is out of stock on the parts needed to repair the server. A network technician suggests replacing it with a server from the warm site. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?
• A. Outsource a hardware-certified courier to move the server to the datacenter.
• B. Check the DRP and BCP and talk to the company stakeholders before making the decision.
• C. Unrack the server from the warm site and move it to the datacenter.
• D. Order the parts from the hardware vendor and notify affected users that the server will be down.

B. Check the DRP and BCP and talk to the company stakeholders before making the decision.