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What did Marx say capitalism would lead to?

- financial crisis
- where proletarian revolt
- but acc, increased subservience + alignment to power + kicking down


What is fascism?

A system of extreme right-wing or authoritarian views


What is a genocide?

Deliberate extermination of a race/ nation etc


Which academics fled Germany before action started taking place?

Berkeley group
- thomas W. Adorno
- Else Frenkel-Brunswik
- Daniel Levinson
- Nevitt Sanford


According to Adorno, what is personality?

- made up of primarily needs
--> drives, wished, emotional impulses
--> these needs are primitive emotional needs to avoid punishment/ keep good will in social group


What are dispositions?

- Persisting forces of personality which helps to determine response in various situations
- EG: people may have a disposition to have a particular political stance
--> pattern they express is their deep-lying trends in their personality


How does experience affect personality?

- person can have a disposition and certain environmental activities can trigger the pre-disposition = behaviour is carried out
- most impressionable = Youths/ adolescents --> child training in a setting of family


How does society affect personality?

- helps make sense of large changes like genocides
- it will be changes in the societal level eg policies/ institutions which will drive the bearing of different kinds of personality to develop within society


At an individual level, what is an ideology?

- an organisation of opinions, attitudes and values - a way of thinking about man and society


At a social level, what is an ideology?

When opinions, attitudes and values of numerous individuals are examined = common patterns


At a cultural level, what is an ideology?

- ideologies have an existence independent of any single individual
- where the ideologies have for different individuals, different degrees of appeal


Why does the attractiveness of an ideology matter?

- depends on the individual's needs and the degree to which these needs are being satisfied
= so get insight


What is the psychological/ individual approach to personality?

P = an agency through which sociological influences upon ideology are mediated
- if personality made clear = better understand sociological factors + their effects


What is the "bicycle characteristic"?

- people tried to create a class of their own by looking down on other people but at the same time bowing down to people above them ...?


What is false consciousness?

eg: saying there is no oppression for women because they as a woman have not experienced any


What evidence is there supporting those who score high on TAP are fascist; Meloen 1961?

- several fasicists groups scored high on TAP
--> British national front members
--> Former members of the German SS
--> American 'super-patrioit' nationalist


What was good about Meloen's 1961 TAP sample?

- large sample, white, non-jewish, predominantly middle class
- good representation basically and didn't include minority groups = since studying likely oppressors


What is does recursive methodological triangulation mean?

- formed a method
- tried it out
- altered it
- tried it again
- used a range of methods to collect data


What are the different scale associated with TAP + Fascism?

1. Anti-Semitic - AS scale
2. Ethnocentrism - E scale
3. Political and Economic conservatism - PEC Scale
4. Fascism - F scale


Describe the AS scale

- looks at readiness to support or oppose anti-semitic ideology
--> negative opinions regarding jews
--> hostility towards them
--> 'moral' values which permeate the opinions and justify the attitudes
- has sub-scales


What are the AS sub-scales?

- offensive
- threatening
- Attitudes - about what should be done to or against Jews
- Seclusion
- Intrusion


Describe the E scale

- readiness to support or oppose ideologies incorporating in-group/ out-group hostility
--> Anti-black
--> Patriotic = in-group favouring and out-group derogatory


Describe the PEC scale

- looking at resistance to social change
- elements of liberty + personal responsibility


Describe the F scale

- looking at POTENTIAL for fascism
- target-neutral items
- pro-trait = so if you score high on one, you are likely to score high on another :/
- Has many clusters


What are some of the clusters of the F scale?

- conventionalism
- Authoritarian submission
- Authoritarian aggression


What is RWA?

Right wing authoritarian:
- submission to the established legitimate authorities in their society
- Conventionalism


What is an issue with using the term RWA in psychology?

- used to in general describe a sense of submission to authorities
= SO even left-wing establishments = RWA eg Nazis :/


What is SDO?

Social dominance orientation
- the extent to which one desires that one's in-groups dominate + be superior to out-groups


In what areas do SDO show little to no correlation to RWA?

- power
- psychoticism
- lack of universalism
- Gender
- Lack of benevolence


In what ares do RWA show little to no correlation to SDO?

- Religious fundamentalism
- Self-righteousness
- Rationalism
- Dangerous worlds beliefs
- Conformity
- Need for structure


In threat-control driven prejudice, why are outgroups disliked and feared?

- seen as threatening, dangerous, immoral + deviant


In competitive-dominance-driven prejudice, what are outgroups disposed + derogated>

- believe they are inferior, worthless + inadequate


Why, in order to explain many kinds of prejudice, personality has to be taken into consideration?

- only 2 kinds of personality are basically involved
--> Social dominator (competitive-dominance-driven prejudice)
--> RWA (threat-control driven prejudice)


What are the 2 different branches SDO been split into?

1. SDO-D
- social dominance orientation - Dominance
2. SDO-E
- Social dominance orientation - Anti-egalitarianism


What does SDO-D posit?

- ideal society = a hierarchy of groups
- since some are just inferior to other groups
- BUT no one gorup should dominate
- groups at bottom are just as deserving


What does SDO-E posit?

- group equality should not be primary goal = unjust
- should focus on equalising conditions for different groups + give an equal change to succeed


Differences in studnet's respect for others (SOD score) and their openness (RWA predicts what?

- a lot of variance in their positive + negative intergroup attitudes