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when the old man catches the big fish. does he think it is a male or female.

took bait like a male, pulls like a male, fight has no panic


what does the following quote mean" but I would rather be exact"

he strives to be exact. never lets his lines drift


how does he compare himself to the turtle

a turtle's heart will beat for hours after dying, like himself. he will continue past the point of exhaustion. his hands and feet are tough like a turtle's


hints at the strength of the fish

pulls the boat. santiago can't pull the fish in the boat.


how does the old man plan to find his way back

glow of havana. also the stars


why does the old man cut all of his other lines

something took bait of one of his lines and he cut all the other ones so they wouldn't interfere with the marlin's line


why does the old man want the fish to jump

its air sacs would fill and prevent the fish from diving deeper in the water. this would allow him to easily pull the fish out.


why does the old man call the fish his friend and brother

he calls it this because they have both traveled far out beyond all people.


how long is the fish

two feet longer than the skiff. 18 feet


has he ever caught one this big before



what does he promise to do if he brings in the fish

make a pilgrimage to the virgin of cobre


why does he rebait the little line

he needs to eat again so maybe he can catch a small fish or dolphin with it.


what does he think of the fighting cocks

he thinks highly of them. he is saying that they are greater than man. "Man is not much beside the great birds and beasts"


example of foreshadowing on page 68

"unless sharks come, if sharks come, God pity him and me"
foreshadows future shark attack


how did he earn the nickname "the champion"

after he defeated a negro in a 24 hour arm wrestling match

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