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what does hester hear

military music floating down the streets


who is arriving and for what purpose

The magistrates and citizens are arriving at the meetinghouse to hear the Reverend Dimmesdale's Election Sunday sermon.


what are the citizens referred to?
the magistrates?

"civil eminence"
"young and eminently distinguished divine"


how does dimmesdale look in during the parade of people

pretty energetic


what does pearl point out about dimmesdale's energetic state

that he's a different person from the guy in the forest


who else notices dimmesdale's change

mistress hibbins


the whole town starts sweating when

hester and mistress Hibbins are next to each other
adulterer and witch plotting


what does mistress hibbins say

When the Black Man sees one of his servants fail to acknowledge his allegiance publicly by wearing a mark like Hester's scarlet A, he makes sure to shame that person by placing a mark on his body and revealing it to the world.


how does hester feel while listening to dimmesdale's sermon

she feels worse than ever


where is pearl playing?
who is watching her

group of american indians


what does the ship master throw towards pearl

gold chain


what does pearl do with the chain

twists around her neck and waist


what message does the shipmaster give to pearl

Chillingworth is going to bring Dimmesdale on board with him, so she doesn't need to worry about him.


what does the shipmaster call pearl

"Witch baby


what does mistress hibbins call pearl's fatehr

prince of the air


who starts looking at what

the sailors and american indians and the townspeople start to look at the scarlet letter while dimmesdale is standing on his pulpit


what is the subject of dimmesdale's sermon

god's relationship to human communities


where does the procession head to after the sermon

town hall


how does dimmesdale look after his sermon

pretty ragged. more like a man near death


Dimmesdale walks where after the sermon

scaffold where hester is standing


what does dimmesdale tell hester and pearl

come stand next to him


what does pearl and hester do to dimmesdale's command

pearl runs up
hester hangs back


what does chillingworth say as he butts into the conversation on the scaffold

telling the minister to save himself and cast off the woman and child.


what is dimmesdale's reply to chillingworth

Dimmesdale says that he should have done this seven years ago.


what does dimmesdale do on the scaffold

before he collapses, he tears open his shirt to show the mark on his chest.


what is chillingworth's response when dimmesdale shows his scarlet letter

"Curses! Foiled again!" because Dimmesdale has managed to escape his revenge.


dimmesdale hopes what will happen to chillingworth

he sure hopes God will forgive Chillingworth, since he's also sinned.


after dimmesdale confesses, what does pearl do

Pearl feels sorry for him. She kisses him, and it makes her into a woman


will dimmesdale and hester meet again

Eh, probably not, he says. After all, they have broken the law and sinned. God is merciful and all, but probably not so merciful that he'll let them be together in the afterlife.


dimmesdale's final words

Had either of these agonies been wanting, I
had been lost for ever! Praised be His name! His will be
done! Farewell!’


what do people say happened on the scaffold

Some people say they saw a scarlet letter, similar to the one worn by Hester Prynne, engraved in Dimmesdale's flesh. Some think he minister etched the letter himself as a form of penance. Others think that Roger Chillingworth made it appear. And then some suggest that it appeared due to the "ever active tooth of remorse" (24.1).


what do the optimists claim

who claimed they didn't see anything at all and that there's no way Dimmesdale could have been Pearl's father.

think that Dimmesdale chose to die in the arms of a fallen woman to demonstrate that we're all sinners in the eyes of God.


the narrator tells the readers that

we should be honest, rather than hiding our worst traits and sins from the world.


what happens to chillingworth

After Dimmesdale's death, Roger Chillingworth has no reason to live. He dies a year later and leaves all his property, in both England and in the U.S., to Pearl.


pearl is now the

richest heiress in the new world


where do hester and pearl go

they disappear from their cottage


does hester return



what is being sent to hester

For the rest of her life, somebody sends Hester rich gifts, tokens, and ornaments—so someone's obviously looking after her.


what do people believe happened to pearl

The gossips also believe that Pearl is alive, married, and having kids, because they see Hester embroidering a baby garment.


where is hester's real home

Hester has decided that New England is her real home. As the narrator says, "Here had been her sin; here, her sorrow; and here was yet to be her penitence" (24.11).


does hester still wear her scarlet letter



the letter is now a sign of her



where is hester buried and what is on her tombstone

When she dies, she's buried near Dimmesdale... but not too near. And her gravestone, obviously, has a scarlet letter on it.


do women acknowledge hester

women actually seek her out for comfort and advice, and she helps them out with the wisdom she's gained through her years of suffering.

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