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compare edna and santiago

loves the sea
hollow victory
atypical heroes


contrast edna and santiago

edna- upper class society
santiago- lower class in cuba
edna- outcast because she is not a mother woman
santiago- outcast because he can't catch a fish
edna- easy life of luxury
santiago- life of poverty


compare hemingway and chopin

published short stories
ice-berg theory in writing
struggle for independence from society
hemingway- mother
chopin- critis/ society


contrast heminway and chopin

hemingway- bounced back after critics attacked him
chopin- stopper after critics attacked
hemingway- embodiment of masculine
chopin- embodiment of feminism
hemingway- social icon
chopin- radical views on women


compare edna and adele

upper class
creative pursuits( music, sketches)
both compared to birds


contrast edna and adele

edna- doesn't tolerate children/ husband
adele- perfect mother woman
edna- not creole, embarrassed by candidness
adele- creole, very expressive
edna- likes music with open passion
adele- music for entertainment


compare the story of an hour with the awakening

-enda and louise not happy with marriage
-both are young, strong, but repressed
-uses birds as symbolism


contrast the story of an hour with the awakening

SH- louise realizes the freedom of herself withing minutes
AW- takes forever for edna to realize her inner self
SH-Louise dies from heart conditino
AW-edna dies from suicide
SH- louise's husband thought to be dead
AW- leonce is alive throughout novel


compare leonce and robert

grand isle
had edna in some way
part of creole society


contrast leonce and robert

leonce- had enda as a wife
robert- had edna's heart
leonce- wasn't really around edna
robert- always around edna
leonce- treats edna like property
robert- treats edna with love, care, and respect.

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