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how does he plan to kill the fish

plans to harpoon the heart of the fish


estimated weight of the fish

1500 pounds


type of sharks attack first

mako sharks


how does he kill the first shark

hit the shark in the brain with the harpoon


does he feel that he is a sinner

yes he does but he thinks he sins in a practical and ethical way. he thinks he has tot sin as fishing is his lifestlye


why will this great fish bring high price

no stringiness in it.


how are next two sharks different from the first one.

shovel-nosed sharks.
1st shark was a worthy opponent.
these sharks are just bloodthirsty.


religious imagery on page 107

feeling the nail go through his hands and into the wood
crucifixion of Jesus


why does he apologize to the fish

he went out far and caught a great fish but is unable to bring it back as a whole. so he feels he let down the fish


fish to keep a man all winter

big enough to feed a person through winter


after losing knife, how does he plan to fight

with a club


explain "then we might have fought them together"

talking to the marlin that if it were there they could have fought the sharks side by side


what does the old man think about luck

comes in many forms
wished he had luck, would do anything for it.


what beat the old man

when the sharks take away the last part of the meat of the marlin


what makes the boy cry

when he sees santiago's injured hands


did they search for him

coast guard and planes


how do we know how close the old man is to death

spitting out blood
broken things in chest.


does the old man die

the book ends as he is sleeping
but he ends dreaming about the lions which were memories from his young life, which brings a full circle as he saw them as a young boy and now toward the end of his life he sees them again.

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