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describe the hand game

negro smoke and drank. santiago used burst of energy before people left to win. almost 24 hours


how does he feel about his left hand

traitor and does not trust it


what plane does he see

airplane en route to miami
later find out it could have been plane looking for him


why does he want to go in the plane

see the sea from above


how does he plan to slow the fish down

lash the two oars across the stern to slow him down in the night


how does he know the fish is weakening

fish starts to go slower


who are his distant friends

the starts. always there yet far away


what does he need other than food

companionship. he misses the boy


why doesn't he eat the dolphin

it would be better to gut the dolphin later to save the blood in the meat


what does he eat instead

flying fish found inside the dolphin


how could he have made salt

by throwing water on the boat during the day. the water would dry and leave salt


what does he dream of

vast school or porpoises for 8-10 miles. jumping in and out of the water


why does he wish for the boy as the fish is jumping

so the boy could wet the coils of line


when does he say the true work comes

when the fish begins to circle


describe the size of the fish as he passes under the boat

dark shadow that took so long to pass under the boat that santiago couldn't believe its length

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