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what is hester taking to the governor's house

a pair of gloves she has fringed and embroidered


what is hester's intent on her trip to the governor's house

see if the town leaders are going to take pearl away from her


pearl looks life an _____ in the mirror



what is the governor's name

governor richard bellingham


who is with the governor

reverends john wilson and arthur dimmesdale and physician roger chillingworth


how does hester argue that they shouldn't take pearl away

by saying all that she has learned from wearing the scarlet letter
The letter teaches her all the time the lessons she needs to impart on her child


reverend wilson asks what question to pearl

who made thee


how does pearl answer

Pearl knows the answer, but, since she wants to be difficult, she says that her mother plucked her off one of the wild rose bushes that grew by the prison door.


how does hester react to pearls answer

Hester grabs her child and tells the Governor that God gave Pearl to her—Pearl is her happiness and torture, all wrapped in one.


what does hester threaten to do

kill herself


what does dimmesdale say about the child and hester

pearl will be hester's salvation


how does dimmesdale respond to pearl when she walks over to him

kisses her on the forehead


hester is invited by who to what kind of party

governor bellinham's sister invites her to a party held in honor of the black man


what will happen to governor bellinham's sister a few years later

executed as a witch


does hester accept the party invite



chillingworth combines knowledge of what

American Indian herbal medicine and British medicine.


what is a doctor called in this time

a leech


what is wrong with dimmesdale

Dimmesdale's isn't looking too good, probably because he studies too hard and is a wee bit overly devoted to God.
He's thin, tired, and depressed, and often observed to put his hand over his heart, as if he is in pain.


what does roger suggest

living together so he could assist dimmesdale's health


what does the congregation think of roger's suggestion

sounds like the hand of god


what do the doubters think of roger's suggestion

These doubters feel that Chillingworth has changed since he first came to town. At first, he had appeared like scholar, but now there was something "ugly and evil in his face" (9.17).
In fact, some people start to think that Dimmesdale is being haunted and hunted by Satan himself in the guise of Chillingworth.


names of chapter 6-9

The governors Hall
The Elf-Child and the Minister
The leech


around how many years have passed before and during the course of these chapters

2-3 yeaers


chillingworth starts to take on more ______ features



hester's argument that dimmesdale should back her to keep pearl

Speak thou for me!’ cried she. ‘Thou wast
my pastor, and hadst charge of my soul, and knowest me
better than these men can. I will not lose the child! Speak
for me! Thou knowest—for thou hast sympathies which
these men lack—thou knowest what is in my heart, and
what are a mother’s rights, and how much the stronger
they are when that mother has but her child and the
scarlet letter! Look thou to it! I will not lose the child!
Look to it!’


quote where roger finds out dimmesdale is the husband

You speak, my friend, with a strange earnestness"


governor bellinham's sister name

Mistress Hibbins


why does roger take the name chillingworth instead of Prynne

to keep his identity a secret



a period of keeping awake during the time usually spent asleep, especially to keep watch or pray.


what is the real reason for chillingworth moving in with dimmesdale

to investigate and try to get dimmesdale to confess to the adultery.

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