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the boar

fibroelastic penis, corckscrew shaped penis. caudally oriented testes (upside down. more exposed, heat stress). no ampullae, but has bulbourethral and vesicular gland. have prostrate. bulbo is huge -70% semen volume. gelatinous semen. predominant sex gland. sigmoid flexure.



bicornuate uterus, paired ovaries, red corpora lutea, prolonged corpora hemorrhagica, long twisted cervix. cervix has more folds, so teh corckscrew shape goes in and the pressure on the penis from cervix helps.


puberty in boar

9 months. crossbred, earlier. testosterone, penile growth, mounting behavior. penile frenulum breaks down, increased daylight is good. deason polyestrus



at least 10 functional with 6 on each side. average is 14.


semen collection pig

gloved hand method. 150-300ml. 30-60 billion sperm, more than other species. 65% motile, 80% normal morphology, 100k sperm.


boar pheremones

5 alpha androsterone. in saliva. helps stimulate estrus in sows, puberty in gilts and mounting behavior in young boars. hypersalivation during coitus.


gilt puberty

6-7 months. facilitated by boar effect pheremones. fence line exposure. 240-300lbs. estrus cycle 21 days.


estrous of pigs

one follicular wave lasts 17 days. non seasonal, polysetrus, slight decrease in fertility in late summer, heat stress. cycl 21 days. single wave. follicular estradiol causes standing heat 2-3 days. progesteone stops LH. So, will have a recruitment of follicles and selection of dominant follicle, the pre-ovulatory follicle. When corporus luteum is lysed and progesterone is removed, LH happens, GnRH lurge, LH surge, ovulation takes place.


ovulation in pigs

ovulate 36-44hrs after osnet of estrus. fllush feeing- increase feed intake just prior to estrus to increase energy and have more ooctyes.


CL in pigs

CL functional by day 5-6. not respond to pgf2a before day 12-13. exogenous pgf2a induces parturition. CL dependent pregnancy- continous p4 secretion.


back pressure test

confirm standing heat, estrus. main test/sign



100% fertilized, 20-30% die within first 30 days. uterus limits number of survivable ones (uterine capacity). transuterine migration of embryos. embryos secrete estradiol at 10-11 days


estradiol at 10-11 days

maternal recognition of pregnancy. blocks pgf2a release to prevent luteolysis. keeps CL functional throughout entire pregnancy. maintenance of pregnancy- two embryos per horn, 2 fetuses total to keep


gestation of pigs

114 days. 333. placentation is diffuse, epitheliochorial.


pregnancy in pigs

lack of estrus, rectal palpation or ultrasound.


parturition pigs

late afternoon and night 2-5 hours. deliver in 15 minutes intervals. placenta at 4 hours after delivery. dystocia common fetus trapped in cervix. pgf2a to induce parturition via luteolysis. 1-2 days before delivery. then oxytocin if that doesn't work. wean 21-28 days. adequate nutrition during weaning.


lactational anetrus

sow unable to cycle while nursing. uterine involution, estrus 28 days after farrowing. lactation can reduce BCS and hurt estrus timing.